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It doesn’t seem to matter where I travel these days, I have a knack for finding vegetables. Whether it’s using tools like Yelp or inquiring about the farmer’s market, I’m usually able to sample local foods AND fulfill my desire for LOTS of food. That’s right part of my veggie love comes from enjoying feeling full, which a big plate of veggies will do.

Since one of the most frequent questions in the Clean and Lean Project is about how to learn to like vegetables {participant or family}, I thought I’d share some of the tips that have worked for me.

That’s right this VegHead {is this a real term? I don’t know, but I like it} used to shun most veggies unless they were covered in cheese!! Now if we are traveling and I don’t have some at each meal, I start craving them.
Learn to love veggiesGENERATE INTEREST

  • Go to the farmer’s market – the colors make everything seem so appealing!
  • Ask kids to pick out one fruit or veggie each time you visit the store.
  • Involve the family in making dishes {kids like eating what they’ve invested time in}.
  • Play with your food! Change the perspective from “you must eat these to have dessert” {which implies veggies suck and sugar is good} to veggies are fun. How many peas can they get on their fork? Make faces or shapes with the veggies.
  • Remember it takes up to 5 times for your taste buds to adjust {hence why you might not have liked something as a kid, but enjoy it now}
  • VOLUME – Shoot this may only work on people like me, but I like to eat in VOLUME so knowing that eating more veggies means a bigger meal makes me feel full and happy.


  • Find a hummus you love then experiment with chopped peppers, broccoli, cauliflower or baby carrots for a snack in the afternoon.
  • Roasting almost any vegetable will bring out some sweetness making it more palatable for first time eaters. {Cut in to equal pieces, toss with olive oil, 20 minutes at 400 degrees}
  • Glaze your veggies before roasting with: honey, minced garlic, ginger and balsamic vinegar
  • Puree’s are a great way to start introducing new flavors. i.e. butternut squash puree in your meatloaf or spinach puree in your tomato sauce. Most people won’t notice the addition, but will then be more open to trying vegetables after realizing they ate some and enjoyed it.
  • Add some veggies to an existing meal! i.e. broccoli in your macaroni and cheese, shredded zucchini in your muffins
  • Stir fry veggies with just a little EVOO, garlic and onions

Have you always loved veggies? Any tips you would add to the list?

As noted I’m focused on LHR training and working towards another half in February and March.
Dec 2
AM: 15 min walk
PM: 40 min walk
Realized I hadn’t taken any rest days, so I enforced this and used the time to catch up from a long weekend. 

Dec 3
AM: 7.25 miles at low heart rate {pace is increasing} + 15 min walk
PM: 2 mile run + 30 min walk

Dec 4
AM: 60 min bike trainer followed by 3 mile run + 15 min walk
PM: 30 min walk + 1 mile run on 3% incline + Ninja Abs

Dec 5
PM: 5 mile run + 20 min walk

Dec 6
AM: 90 min bike trainer + 3 mile run at MP at LHR
PM: 30 min walk

Dec 7
AM: 11 miles at LHR + 20 min walk
PM: Core
Goal was to stay right at the top of my LHR training which is 148. What I saw was my aerobic base still needs building as I was sub 9 until mile 6 then progressively slower. I had enough energy and could have pushed, but wanted to stick to this training for a bit longer. Pretty happy 4 weeks post NYC.

Dec 8
AM: 40 min min walk
PM: 60 min yoga in the park
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After talking about all of those veggies, it’s no surprise that today I’m talking more about digestive health. Over the last year one of the things that I had to resolve to improve my health was my digestion.  For me this started with eliminating food sensitivities and then adding in a daily digestive enzyme.

However, there is one more step that could help all of us to {eh hem} eliminate some digestive issues. For runners this is particularly important because the less there is left in your gut as you start to run, well the less issues you will have! Since this is a BIG issues for many runners, but an uncomfortable subject…let’s just get to it.

The Squatty Potty toilet stool allows your body to be in a more natural position. Did you realize the current way we sit on the toilet actually puts a kink in your colon…kind of like getting water out of the garden hose when you have bent it. Ben Greenfield was happy to go in to some detail about his use prior to a race and why he loved it. My personal SP hasn’t arrived just yet, so I can’t tell you if the results are as spectacular…but if they are you’ll hear about it!

Squatty Potty has provided a 15% discount code {Squat4Health} for everything on their site, which I personally think should be used on the “I’m a regular gal” shirt because you KNOW your running friends would love it. SquattyPotty-HealthMatters-H1
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Dec 9
I am grateful for learning to love my veggies!

This is a sponsored post for Squatty Potty. All content, tips and information are my own. Vegetable image is from my Sony NEX in Charleston.

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