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Let me do the research, you enjoy the ride of achieving your goals! Get the secrets I've learned from 2,000 articles and 22,000 miles run.

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About Amanda Brooks

Welcome runners!! I'm Amanda Brooks the one woman running the show around here since 2007.

Initially I started the blog as a way to connect with other runners, but over the years my Journalism degree kicked in and I wanted to really KNOW more about running, so I started to create researched articles and make connections with people smarter than me to answer questions!

It also spurred me to get my Personal Training Certification to better understand exactly how our bodies should move and become a running coach. I've worked with over 100 runners personally and thousands more through the online programs and challenges I've hosted over the years.

21,000 miles and 2,000 articles later, I feel pretty good about not only helping others, but understanding whatever you're going through on the run!

Most Recent Articles

Marathon Runners Diet | Eating for Endurance

After a long break from marathon training, this summer I found myself prepping for the Chicago marathon. Building miles and getting refocused on a runners diet plan. Which is to say, reminding myself that I needed a few key things: Eating enough calories to maintain energy as the miles increase Not relying on sugars and quick carbs [...]

Beginner Trail Running | What You Need to Know

One of the best things about running is we always have the opportunity for a new challenge. Beginner trail running is often a place where long time road runners find themselves when they're in need of a new feeling, scenery or challenge. Trail running and especially trail races are entirely different than training for something like a 10 mile [...]

Running Tattoos | Ideas to Commemorate Your Achievements

It took me many years to build up the courage to pierce my ears, so it's probably not a surprise that the idea of a needle tapping my body for hours scares me immensely. And yet, running tattoos fascinate me and I still believe someday after a HUGE accomplishment I'm going to find myself in need of one to mark the moment. With that in mind, I've [...]