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8 Tips to Implement Speed Workouts and Beginner Workout Ideas

One of the first tips many new runners receive is to include speed work.While it absolutely benefits everyone from the 5K speedster to the marathoner, speed workouts should not be added until the runner has a strong injury free base of running. This is a fundamental tenant from coach Arthur Lydiard and while he might not have had the science 50 [...]

The North Face Gets a Little More Feminine with Lucy

This post is sponsored by Zappos, all opinions are my own. Walking past store after store, I wasn't really looking for anything, but this display caught my eye...was that...could it be...active gear designed specifically for a woman's body?!I know this sounds like no big deal now, but the first time I stumbled upon a Lucy YEARS AGO it was [...]

Krill Oil: Happy Runner Knees

Fish oil. It's the magic bullet that I hear being thrown around non-stop by those with ideas on reducing inflammation.Since, I'm all about finding ways to make my body feel better (especially as I return to running post knee surgery) I've looked in to all kinds of things.Unfortunately for me, every time I tried fish oil my stomach started [...]