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Why You Must Rotate Running Shoes

Huffing and puffing along side running group buddy Denny (yes the over 6'6, 75 year old who kicks my butt), we started chatting about being the only two in the group sporting some kickin' Hokas. He may or may not have laughed at how bright mine were as I pondered why he went with a more white option.As the miles progressed and the conversation [...]

Speed Drills for Runners: More than Fast Running

I will gladly run almost anywhere on Earth, except the track. It brings back horrible memories of high school, days when running was ridiculously hard for me and I always felt like I was missing something.How were those other people finishing our never ending mile without huffing and puffing?!Interestingly, I could run laps in the gym as [...]

7 Reasons Your Eating Clean is Too Expensive and How to Fix It ASAP

“I got my mind on my money, my money on my mind” -- preach it Youngbloodz On a visit to Kansas City, I took a little spin to Wally World with my Dad scoping out computer cameras so we could Skype. Mission accomplished, I directed him to the natural foods store approximately 10 minutes away.His camera: $17. My juice and cookie: $11.His [...]