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TomTom Runner Watch Review

I get asked frequently about which GPS watch I wear and the truth is that I rotate a lot..but one that you've seen on my wrist for at least 4 years now is the TomTom Cardio Runner.First up, I have to say read this article on GPS watch mistakes most runners make because it will help ensure you aren't spending more than necessary and then please [...]

10 Mile Road Races: Finding that Unique Race Distance

Over the years as I’ve worked on my half marathon time, done a few more marathons, I find a point during every training cycle where I'm thinking...Man 10 miles is like a really awesome distance. I really wish there were more 10 mile races!Turns out I'm not alone! A recent Facebook question about what your perfect race distance would be, [...]

Shalane’s Homemade Electrolyte Drink

Did you know electrolytes are one of my favorite topics?? It's this little tiny change that can do so much for our running, but is so easily overlooked.I've written all about electrolytes and why they're so important here.So why am I talking about it again? As noted, favorite topic. But also because a few weeks ago I had an interview with [...]