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How to Bounce Back from a Bad Race Day

As David and I stood joking, rubbing our hands together and bouncing foot to foot, my thoughts were on the miles ahead. Not once in those thoughts was a worry that I wouldn't finish. Yet, a bad race day can happen to any of us at anytime.For me, at mile 6 the knee pain which I'd been attempting to work through for months became so unbearable [...]

Beautycounter Review: Going All Natural?

Ever feel like you’re one of the last kids to the party? I tend to the be person who is dubious of anything that becomes a massive hit. Take Harry Potter, I didn’t read it until all the books had been out for at least a year…then I read, devoured, loved and wondered why I waited so long.I guess Beautycounter fell in to that category as [...]

Best Skin Care Products for Your 30s

First because I bet many of you are people who ponder random thoughts like me....Skincare refers to the specific products that we're going to lather on to look like our best possible selves, while skin care is the entire routine we use to care for our largest organ. Sounds dirty when you say it that way, but still, it's true!It turns out no [...]