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About Amanda Brooks

Welcome runners!! I'm Amanda Brooks the one woman running the show around here since 2007.

Initially I started the blog as a way to connect with other runners, but over the years my Journalism degree kicked in and I wanted to really KNOW more about running, so I started to create researched articles and make connections with people smarter than me to answer questions!

It also spurred me to get my Personal Training Certification to better understand exactly how our bodies should move and become a running coach. I've worked with over 100 runners personally and thousands more through the online programs and challenges I've hosted over the years.

21,000 miles and 2,000 articles later, I feel pretty good about not only helping others, but understanding whatever you're going through on the run!

Most Recent Articles

What to Do Post Run?

Ever wonder what the most important thing is to do post run? Eat? Stretch? Foam roll? Shower??? Fret no more, I'm going to walk you through what matters, what you can do later and what you may not have to do at all. If you’re anything like me the post run cooldown is dashing in to the house, grabbing my green smoothie, hoping to swallow some [...]

Runners: The New Couch Potato

One study showed that athletes are up to 30% LESS active throughout the remainder of the day than their peers! Whoops! That morning running, doesn't mean you can spend the rest of the hunched over a computer, your iPad and finally the tv. It's not just me saying that, science is backing it up and hence the new term "active couch potato" [...]

Half Marathons Worth Traveling For

What are the best half marathons in the US? The most fun half marathons? Well some of that depends on what you like, but I'm pretty sure there are a few key components that apply to them all. Number one: It makes a great Racecation - why isn’t this word in the dictionary yet? I mean it's in the Wiktionary, so I think we all know that means it's [...]