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Learning How to Pace Yourself while Running Outside

Do you start races like a rocket ship to the moon and then find yourself falling out of the sky before you’ve made landing?Or you need to check your watch with every mile to have any idea if you’re going too fast, too slow, wildly off pace, nailing the goal?Time to learn how to pace yourself. He took refuge in the concept that [...]

Tips for 10K Race Day: Pacing, Strategy and Fuel

In part one, we talked about the keys to preparing for a 10K, whether it's your first or a big goal PR they apply to us all. That's the best thing about running, it grows with you, but we're always learning.Now let's dive in to the 10k race day strategy that will help you nail your goals, first we're going to talk about some of the mental [...]

5 Running Gifts I’d Rather Own (and cost less) than iPhoneX

In 1998, I pulled away from two grimacing faces in my shiny new Ford Probe. The car my mother was against me being allowed to have, except it also meant she could finally relinquish chauffeur duty.  Thus in the glove box of that car was a mobile phone.A mobile phone that came with the following instructions: "You better be dying if you choose [...]