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Ultimate Guide to Running Hydration, including Best Hydration Packs

My last attempted (and barely achieved) marathon PR was in NYC, where I crossed the finish line looking pretty haggard due to the wind and likely mismanaged hydration/fueling.It’s no surprise that even the simplicity of water has become an area of confusion for many runners as studies change each week: drink before thirst…no, no this could lead [...]

Electrolytes 101 for Runners + Homemade Sports Drinks

Have you found yourself craving more salt than normal?Feeling a little more fatigued than you should during workouts?Perhaps it's time to explore your electrolytes!Sugar is the thing I crave during stress or you know after any meal, so when I suddenly start dreaming of potato chips I know something in my body is out of balance. As I [...]

11 Reasons Why You Need To Be Doing Virtual Races

The air is crisp as you bounce around checking the porta potty lines, checking your watch, checking your watch, anxiety building...it's that start line feeling. And while you can't recreate it with a Virtual Race, you CAN get some killer benefits from including them in your training.You sign up online and complete challenges on your own [...]