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Best Post Run Stretches for IT Band and Hips

2019 is all about creating new habits {yes that’s my favorite word}. Some days are about the small things, like swapping an apple for applesauce to get more fiber and move us towards our health goal.Others are habits that take us leaps and bounds closer to a goal, like weekly speed workouts that leave us ready to hurl, but moving [...]

Debunking Current Running Nutrition Fads

Of all the areas I know that I need to keep evolving, it's my running nutrition. Of course, I'm slammed in the face daily with a new trend that's going to change everything, which only adds to the confusion of what's right, wrong and a waste of time.Which is why I was thrilled when Marni Sumbal came out with Essential Sports Nutrition. Not only [...]

Psychology of Running: Incorporating Mental Marathon Training

You won’t find mental training on your plan.It’s not 10 reps of 30 seconds with 1 minute of rest. It’s rarely something that is specifically prescribed because it feels intangible, a little untrackable…and yet most repeat marathoners will tell you the mental aspect of running was essential to their success.Marathon plans are laid out with a [...]