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Motivation is Overrated: How to Create a Exercise Habit

One of the questions I receive most often is: “Where do you get your running motivation to stay so consistent?”This is prompted by the fact that my exercise routine is consistent and has been for many years. Because regular exercise has been a part of my life for so long, I left the NEED for motivation behind years ago.Skipping a workout [...]

7 Benefits to Running in the Morning and How to Make the Shift

Is there a best time to run? Besides the most obvious answer of “yes, whenever you can” there's a little more nuance to it. Perhaps even some science!If morning running is one of your goals, find out how to make the switch...or, more importantly, if you really need to switch from your evening run!Morning run? Evening run? Runch? Does one [...]

17 Running Quotes for Inspiration

I've done marathon quotes to get you through training and funny running quotes to keep you laughing when the miles start to feel every so long.Today, we're simply enjoying another set of running quotes for inspiration...or maybe you've simply been Googling to find something great to share as your Instagram caption for today, ha! That's just [...]