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10 Inspiring (non-elite) Instagram Runners to Follow ASAP

One of my favorite things about Instagram is the way it connects runners from around the world. We understand your runner’s high moments of crossing that finish line or simply having a planned 5 miler turn in to 8 glorious miles!!!We also understand when you have to DNF, are recovering from an injury or just need a little kick in the [...]

Top Running Blogs: A Comprehensive List of Who’s Sharing Great Content

**Updated 2019: A lot more blogs have disappeared an in an interesting twist many of the running blogs that remain informational are all written by men. Makes me proud to still be standing in such a competitive space!Did you know that RunToTheFinish started way back in 2007? Did you know since then I've published over 2,000 posts? Did you [...]

I Tried B12 Shots and Here’s What Happened

Have you heard about B12 shots for energy? I remember living in Miami and people would just rave about having a shot and suddenly bursting with energy for the rest of the day. I was curious but never really got in to it at that point.However, years later talking with a friend and Dr about some issues I was having potentially related to my low [...]