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The North Face Gets a Little More Feminine with Lucy

This post is sponsored by Zappos, all opinions are my own. Walking past store after store, I wasn't really looking for anything, but this display caught my eye...was that...could it be...active gear designed specifically for a woman's body?!I know this sounds like no big deal now, but the first time I stumbled upon a Lucy YEARS AGO it was [...]

Krill Oil: Happy Runner Knees

Fish oil. It's the magic bullet that I hear being thrown around non-stop by those with ideas on reducing inflammation.Since, I'm all about finding ways to make my body feel better (especially as I return to running post knee surgery) I've looked in to all kinds of things.Unfortunately for me, every time I tried fish oil my stomach started [...]

Top 12 Audiobooks for Running

Do you run with music? Are you tired of the same 5 songs on the radio?I was.That’s why I started listening to audiobooks while training for the San Diego marathon in 2007…I’m pretty sure the process involved taking a CD burning it on the the computer, then transferring a few chapters to my iPod. I must have had far more free time 7 years [...]