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My Single Most Important Piece of Running Gear

You spent what?!You don't understand, it's really important for my running.But I could have bought like 10 for that 1!I'm sure you think I'm talking about a fancy new GPS watch because those have indeed gone up in price since the days of our standard little Timex which tracked well...time.But nope, this was the conversation after I [...]

I Am Not a Jogger (Despite What Any Race Photo Shuffle Might Say)

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but at an event someone said to me “oh you’re the jogger” and my brain went bananas.In that simple statement, I felt like my years of running and training had been stripped away. Luckily my start line reaction times in both running and quips require a warm up, so I laughed and said “No, I’m a [...]

12 Top Running Community Facebook Pages and Groups

Ever feel like your friends my be tuning out the details of your recent epic long run, which hello involved passing a random lost shoe, slipping on some ice and your first successful snot rocket?!Yup that's exactly why I started RunToTheFinish in the first place 10 years ago! You know before we had a place to share our workouts on Instagram or [...]