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What’s Different for Men vs Women Running?

After another Physical Therapist pointed out that women are more prone to running issues due to our hips, I began to wonder if this was entirely true. Do women run differently? Why is it accepted that men are faster?I decided to reach out to Tina Muir who is not only an elite female athlete, but is surrounded by high caliber coaches and [...]

Race Pace Envy: Stop Judging Yourself By Their Speed

We've all been there. You close the door behind you, a big cheesy grin, sweat running down your back and it's time to post that killer run to social media. I mean that's the only way it really counts, right?Click, edit, filter, cute caption. Yes, the world knows you feel like a superstar.Scroll... “dayyyum that girl is fast”“holy cow [...]

How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon: Tips from Everyday Runners

Yellow and blue take on a whole new significance come Marathon Monday.After a weekend of watching our friends sport their well earned jackets, snap photos with that iconic finish line and gather their nerves, many of us find ourselves dreaming of having that special moment too.As someone whose career revolves around all things running, it's [...]