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Best All Natural Sunscreen for Runners

After some great discussions on Instagram about my own past hormone issues and learning more about how what's in our products can impact our thyroid and adrenals, I got 15 direct messages within an hour asking about my favorite all natural sunscreen.That's usually a sign to me that a full on blog post is needed because I can provide more [...]

What are Hormone Disruptors? How They Impact Your Runs?

In 2009, we discovered my body was no longer producing estrogen.After ruling out a brain tumor and the female triad (I was eating plenty and not running that much), there we a couple of discussions that started around hormone disrupters. This was all new to me, but made me look at food, meat in particular, and products in a whole new [...]

Endurance Sports Nutrition: No You Can’t Eat Whatever You Want

Who hasn't spent the last mile of a long run fantasizing about a huge slice of cake, a burger or maybe for you it's the sound of an ice cold coke fizzing in the can. There's not a darn thing wrong with enjoying these foods because our body is reminding us that it needs fuel.But obviously an entire day or week or month of eating these foods [...]