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Top Half Marathon Training Tips, Tricks and More

Each year the half marathon continues to attract more runners and I think the reasons are obvious...it's just far enough to feel like your racecation is justified, but not so far that half marathon training feels like it consumes your life.No matter your reason for talking 13.1, which is a half marathon, not "just a half" or a mini marathon or [...]

Confessions of a Run Coach: We Wish You Knew Before Starting

Every time I take a strengths and skills test, "teacher" comes back as a result.Which makes complete sense, it's part of why I love this blog!I get to dig in to new topics, do research and then hopefully spit it back out as ACTIONABLE information to make your running more fun or injury free or faster or farther or you know more [...]

7 Lessons to Crush Your Next Running Goal

As individuals that are committed to a healthy active lifestyle we often strive for perfection and are too hard on ourselves when we fail to measure up to high standards.As we enter the holiday season and the new year, setting goals comes to the mind of many.However, challenges, obstacles and excuses can often derail the best intentions. [...]