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Post Marathon Fitness: Don’t Lose What You’ve Gained

Will I lose fitness by taking weeks off after my marathon?It’s a concern for nearly every runner I’ve encountered in the months post marathon where we're battling the post race blues, attempting to run on legs that feel like cider blocks and craving those runner endorphins...plus throwing in our own weird psychology that the time off means [...]

9 Reasons Not to Run a Marathon…from a Running Coach

I love running, you may have gathered that from the almost 2,000 posts I've now done on RunToTheFinish about running and of course, you know I've run 8 marathons and coached many others through their first marathon.Which could leave you scratching that sweaty ponytail head of hair as to why I'd be telling you NOT to run a race...so hang with me [...]

Stocking Stuffers Runners Will Love Under $20

Previously, I shared some creative and unique gifts for the fitness lover, which I hope Santa reads {not so subtle hint}.However, many of those might have been on the pricey side for that big WOW gift and not so much what you'd give to your good running buddy after watching them blow snot rockets throughout winter training runs.Instead, [...]