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Ultimate Running Knee Pain Treatment and Prevention Guide

When I took up running in 2002, the first thing I heard was "it's bad for your knees".At the time, I didn't have any information to dispute that, but I was 20 and like "hey I'm invincible!"Luckily in the years and 20,000+ miles that followed, I found all kinds of research to show that running (with good form and strong hips) is actually [...]

31 New Marathon Race Signs: Ideas for All The Funny You Need

In part one I gave you 50 ideas from hilarious to motivational, but I'm hearing that you need more because everyone is stealing your ideas...so um here are some more race signs for you to steal.Consider it the highest form of flattery rather than stealing. Someone took time to come up with these amazing funny marathon signs and they should [...]

5 Reasons to do an Adventure Race (Time for a New Running Challange)

Long before there were Spartan Races and Tougher Mudders, there was adventure racing. It's a world that has fascinated me for many years, but not one I've truly dove in to beyond local Urban Dare or Muddy Buddy races.Abby and I have been blog friends for eons now, I even stayed with her to run the Philadelphia Marathon. Over the years she has [...]