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8 Exciting New Running Recovery Tools

If you're new around here, you might not yet know that I have an obsession with post run recovery from what to eat to best stretches to researching whether or not you should have that beer.When I started running at 20 it was the last thing on my mind, but at 37 I've learned that without spending time on post running recovery I'm not going to be [...]

Runner Pays $410 for Banana

Have you seen the shirt "this is a lot of work for a free banana"?It cracks me up every single time. Then I started to ponder it, as one is likely to do during a long run, and I realized that banana isn't free at all!!In fact, I likely pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of devouring that banana after 13.1 miles. Let's break it down [...]

Best Post Run Stretches for IT Band and Hips

2019 is all about creating new habits {yes that’s my favorite word}. Some days are about the small things, like swapping an apple for applesauce to get more fiber and move us towards our health goal.Others are habits that take us leaps and bounds closer to a goal, like weekly speed workouts that leave us ready to hurl, but moving [...]