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10 Things Runners Can Stop Doing in the New Year

Are you ready to be scolded, molded and shaped in to a better runner?Sorry, far too many infomercials swimming around in my brain telling me how to lose weight, feel great and be extra fabulous in 2019 by following their program. It starts to turn every great idea in to just another sales pitch and eventually makes me want to sit on the couch [...]

Shut Down the Negative Voice on Your Next Run

You’re out for a run and then you hear it - that voice.You turn up your music, but it’s still there.The voice that tells you that you can’t run one more step, that you’ll never shave time off your mile, that there is no way you’ll be able to run 13.1 miles, that you’ll never be faster than you were last year or than the 80-year-old that [...]

Food Labels and Personal Labels: Runners Diet Plan Breakdown

Once I started talking about running for weight loss, you showed up in droves with questions galore. I get.In 2002, I was early in my weight loss journey as a junior in college. The extent of my knowledge was eat less, sweat more. Seriously, that was it!Luckily that was about the time I really started to fall in love with running and more [...]