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Best Running Shoes 2018: Comfort, Fit and Durability

The following post contains affiliate links. If there's one running gear question I get more than any other it's "what's the best running shoe?"While I've gone over in detail the reasons that you need to find the perfect shoe for you, this year I'm happy to share with you what I consider the best running shoe! As many of you have seen from my [...]

Slovenia: Ljubljana and Lake Bled

If you missed Croatia Part 1 and Plitvice Lakes, you gotta start there! It was a stellar part of our trip leading in to the time in Slovenia, which makes for a perfect combo if you love nature and exploring.A few years ago, while huffing our way up a volcano in Iceland, a fellow hiker said she was from Slovenia. I thought it sounded exotic, but [...]

Secrets to Plitvice Lakes + Zagreb, Croatia

If you're finding this post before my first one with details on everything you need to know about a Croatia vacation, be sure to check it out! I also talk about exploring the seaside town of Zadar, which is the perfect Mediterranean vacation on the cheap.Now let's move on to what has become such a hot spot for Croatia and whose name I'll surely [...]