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11 Reasons Why You Need To Be Doing Virtual Races

The air is crisp as you bounce around checking the porta potty lines, checking your watch, checking your watch, anxiety building...it's that start line feeling. And while you can't recreate it with a Virtual Race, you CAN get some killer benefits from including them in your training.You sign up online and complete challenges on your own [...]

The Downside to Being a Runner: Is Running Bad for You?

Just one more minute. Just one more mile. Just one more step. I've got this. I'm doing this. Do this I will. Push through, don't stop, don't give in to the pain.Runners learn some incredible Jedi mind tricks that allow us to constantly push our boundaries and achieve more in life, but sometimes those Type A achiever qualities can lead friends [...]

Sports Nutrition: Should We Stop Talking Calories?

Until a few weeks ago, I thought I had my sports nutrition pretty well under control. I've figured out how many electrolytes I need to keep my energy up and cramps at bay. I've gotten in to a routine that makes it easy toe at 7-9 servings of veggies and fruit a day. I suck down green smoothies after runs. I'm finally getting in enough protein [...]