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Is Running Fun? Do We Really Enjoy Running?

We talk a lot about the pure satisfaction of crossing a finish line and knowing you've achieved something you once thought beyond reach.We see the big smiles of #medalmonday on Instagram.We hear rumors of the elusive runner's high.But when you see most runners out logging miles, they aren't grinning from ear to ear. In fact, they often [...]

How to Use CBD Oil for Runners: Pain Relief, Mood, Athletic Performance

A few years ago, I started hearing whispers of ultrarunners crushing their uber long trail workouts thanks to the now legal Colorado trade of marijuana. I was intrigued, but not really sure how getting baked at 5AM to run before a full day of work was supposed to go.Plus let's be honest, I'm the girl who won't even take a pain pill after [...]

Holiday Weight Gain Real Talk: Let Go of the Food Fears

For 6 years, from November to January 1, I hosted a free Holiday Challenge designed to keep us all moving and maybe just a bit more aware of our food choices. It was a fun way connect with other sweaty women who shared our goals.During that time I learned so much about what motivates each of us to show up for our workouts, what most commonly [...]