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How to Rock Evening Runs (especially when You’re a Morning Runner)

It's dark o'clock, which means it's time to run.The shoes go on, the watch gets a signal from above, we flick on the headlamp or at least the uber attractive neon orange safety vest because the run doesn't care whether it's sunny or not. Normally, I'd be talking about the plight of morning runners because that's my jam...but now my evening [...]

No Tricks Needed! A Helpful Guide to Picking the Right Running Shoe

Ever wonder if picking the right running shoe requires an advanced degree or maybe just a little Luck o’ the Irish?  The truth is it lies somewhere in the middle. Want a strong, solid relationship that is willing to go the distance? Get to know your running shoes. - Dean Karnazes Let’s dig in to the art and science of finding your perfect match: [...]

Warming with Healthy Chicken Potato Soup after the Golden Aspens

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." Anne of Green GableGirl, I couldn't agree more!! I remember years of living in Florida where I craved the crisp fall air and the turning of the leaves. I'd often say I needed to go to the Northeast to experience the beautiful colors...Then I moved to Colorado and I think we might [...]