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5 Reasons to do an Adventure Race (Time for a New Running Challange)

Long before there were Spartan Races and Tougher Mudders, there was adventure racing. It's a world that has fascinated me for many years, but not one I've truly dove in to beyond local Urban Dare or Muddy Buddy races.Abby and I have been blog friends for eons now, I even stayed with her to run the Philadelphia Marathon. Over the years she has [...]

9 Lies Runners Love Telling

Running is a mental sport, which means some days we have to play some mind games with ourselves. Other days we have to play mind games with our non-running friends to stay convinced we aren't completely bonkers for getting up at 4AM on Saturday in the 30 degree weather to run for hours in the dark.Because when you actually read that, well it [...]

Nike Epic React Review: Softest Run Ever

This post sponsored by Nike, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. How do you choose new running shoes?What about when you want to order the same shoe, but they've made "updates"?I'm not going to lie to you. When it comes to shoes, I AM PICKY. I try and dislike a lot of them, so anytime something comes along that I [...]