30 Day Ab Challenge: July

The sign up for this group is closed, but checkout the even better Clean and Lean Project! We will be focusing on the kitchen, the mind and the core to get results.

After spending 30 days enjoying green smoothies many of you already started noticing some changes in your body and energy levels…let’s take that to the next step and ensure this is a summer where you feel awesome in that bikini (or speedo if that’s your thing gentlemen).
AbChallenge1Right click save as to post the image on your site and encourage your readers to participate. We’ll do role call daily on Facebook and Tweet with #abchallenge to help you stay accountable.

The Abs Challenge is based upon the Strong Like Susan 30 Day Challenge! She has 30 videos which provide you with daily exercise or clean eating tips on the rest days. The reason I selected this program is because these moves are NEW and DIFFERENT. You may have seen some of them, but I doubt you are doing many of these very often so they should be great for giving you a kick start!
SLSAbsMany of you follow my weekly workout posts and so you may have noticed I did the challenge in June. I had to do the modifications and could only do 2 rounds instead of 4 because well…my core is weak!! But slowly I could tell I was gaining power and my goal is to do even more this month. I tell you this so that you understand it’s TOUGH, but effective and you have to push yourself while knowing your limits.

Because we all know abs are also driven by clean eating choices, this month Susan and I will be providing even more details and tips to help you stay on the clean eating track. Hmmm like a daily green smoothie!

Use the form below to sign up and I’ll send out a reminder email the day before we start to make sure you are ready to go!! No excuses you can do these moves anywhere and they are available on YouTube so you only need the internet. I did them while traveling to Chicago, KC and Napa!

Gratitude Journal
June 26
I am grateful for new exercises that force me to rethink my own limitations.

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