30 Day Challenges

Following are links to resources and recaps from each of the 30 Day Challenges hosted on RunToThefinish in 2012 and 2013.  Don't forget to checkout the origin of #bestfoot challenges and how you can get even more support to reach your goals!

 In 2013 each challenge will build on the previous challenge to create a year of little challenges that add up to big SUCCESSES.

January: Golden Mornings
- How 5 minutes can change your day 
- How to use affirmations
February: Clean Eating Breakfast Challenge
This is about more than just high quality, it includes adding protein, veggies and time to enjoy the meal!
- 15 Eat Clean Breakfast ideas 
- Clean eating Pinterest board

March - April: Inaugural Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

May -Daily strength exercises

June - Clean and Lean Challenge

November - Holiday Bootie Buster 5

January:  Food Journal Challenge (70 participants)
- Food Journal Details
- Food Journal Day 1: Taking Stock
- Food Journal Reflection
- Excuses that are holding you back
- Recognize and change patterns
February: Appreciation Challenge (90 participants)
It's easy to know that you love your family, appreciate your co-workers, etc....but taking a moment to tell someone everyday that they are appreciated in a note or verbally requires opening yourself up.
- Appreciation Challenge
- Appreciation Workout sheet
- Self Appreciation
March: Vegan Challenge (60 participants)
A lot of science has now shown the benefits to a Vegan diet. Here is a chance to try it for 30 days and find out for yourself if it makes you feel healthier, lighter, happier.
- Vegan Challenge Kick Off
- My Vegan Week 1, Week 2, Week 3
- Clean Eating Travel Snacks
- Handling Family Questions
- Vegan Meal Ideas 1
- Types of Vegetarians and tips
- Pure2Raw Vegan Recipes
- Peachy Palate daily recipes and Vegan Health Benefits
- For the Love of Kale daily recipes
- Oatmeal in my Bowl Vegan Clean Eating
- Banana Buzz Bomb Vegan Eating Out
- Helen the Vegan Mom and Ironwoman
- Ending the Vegan Challenge
April: FUN Challenge (100 participants)
- Fun Challenge details
- Funspirational week one
- Fantasy Fitness Vacation Fun
May: Yoga Challenge (130 participants)
Runners are notorious for tight muscles and yoga helps. As my friend likes to remind me, yoga helps every other sport, but no sport helps yoga.
Yoga Challenge Details
Kick off participant list
MyYogaOnline Review
The yoga-running connection
June: Green Smoothie Challenge (201 participants)
Do you get enough servings of fruits and veggies every day? Did you know the nutrients are more easily absorbed in liquid form? Could you see a change by simply enjoying 1 Green Smoothie a day?
Green Smoothie Challenge details
Green Smoothie Starter Guide
Green Smoothie Participants

July: Abs Challenge (500 participants)
I am working with a special guest in July to help all of us build a strong core for running, yoga...and bikini rockin'!
July Challenge Sign Up and plan details
Meet Strong Like Susan
Particpant List and Kickoff
Clean Eating - Keep it Simple

August: Clean Eating Challenge (180 participants)
Going unprocessed will help all of those looking to go Sugar Free and ensure all of us are fueling our bodies with the best foods possible to meet our goals - be it weight loss, health, or performance.
Clean Eating Sign Up and Details
Busting the cost excuse
Clean Eating Eggplant and Spaghetti
Clean Eating for Endurance Athletes
How to savor sweet treats

September: Meditation Challenge
Sounds too boring to be a challenge...that's kind of the point for us athletes. We need to balance our intense exercise with moments of calm.
Meditation challenge sign up
Meditation List and Tools

October: Unprocessed Eating
I did this last year and absolutely loved it. Taking a 30 day challenge felt less scary that a full commitment, but it change how I thought about food and opened me up to new ways of eating. Hosted by Eating Rules

November: Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge starts again and Pile On The Miles (hosted by another blogger.

December: Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge is in full force with a focus on increased activity and increased fruits/veggies. 2011 was the 4th year of HBBC and the participation was amazing! Over 1000 sign ups...2012 has even more in store with great prizes, featured experts and more!