Having It All…Right Now

There is a favorite saying applied to women who seemed overwhelmed…”You can’t have it all.” However, I don’t believe this is true. I think we can all have every single thing that we choose, just maybe not all right at the same time.

Is it possible to be a great mom and work full time, absolutely. But if your goal in the moment is to be at every soccer game, every dinner, every breakfast and be an ace at your job, then your goals may not be aligned for the moment. I think many of us have amazing goals and are eager to achieve them all…immediately! But luckily it seems many of us will live to a rip old age and can spend a little more time enjoying the journey to achievement.ToDoListNEVER ENDING TO DO LIST
I am not a parent, but have created for myself this same kind of conflicting goal set. There is so much that I want to achieve and daily my to do list grows to make each of those goals a reality…but why do I think they all need to happen right now in this instant?

What if it takes me 10 years to write a book or 20 to Boston Qualify, but in that time I build a loving marriage, solid friendships, an enjoyable career and a healthy body. Or maybe I’ll get that book done in 1 year, but won’t get to run 70 miles a week, spend the weekend at the beach or cuddle on the couch because I’ll be focused on that goal.

There is no one right approach….but there does need to be a prioritization of goals.

When I was feeling overwhelmed this summer I came across the Sacred Six method by JB Glossinger of Morning Coach. The idea is to make a list of 6 things at night for the following day…those are the 6 truly most important things for you to accomplish. This list becomes non-negotiable so you have to truly decide what is important and stop writing down EVERYTHING. For awhile my list included: Meditate, Run, Eat 7 servings of veggies, Complete documentation of X, Laugh with David, Write 1 good post. Sometimes your to do list needs to include the things that are going to improve your overall joy of life and less of the vacuum, dust, run errands variety. haveitall Once you start to reprioritize and break down things it becomes much easier to feel like each day you are doing your best to create your life of having it all.

Do you have a never ending to do list? How do you prioritize to keep your sanity and have it all?
Gratitude Journal
Feb 10
I am grateful for quick customer serviceSignature
I am grateful for role models
I am grateful for Fitfluential friends
I am grateful for new places to post
I am grateful for creative flow

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