New Years 18 Miler and Resolution Run

I won’t lie if it had been my choice this 18 would have happened on NYE…but travel made that impossible so I was out the door by 5AM on New Year’s to get in my 18 before heading to the Resolution Run that I organized.

Luckily the weather in Miami has finally cooled and I was able to really just enjoy the time. However it was one of the stranger runs I’ve had in awhile…most bars in the area were still open and large groups of drunk people seeing a random runner is kinda scary. They weren’t likely to do anything, but a few started to try to run with me and who knows where that could lead!

As I got out of the major city area to the water, I was shocked to find that for 2 hours I didn’t pass another soul! Normally there are hundreds upon hundreds of runners, walkers, bikers out in this area.  It reminded me of the quiet mornings I loved so much in my long KC runs, hence I left the iPod off for the first 15 miles!

The knees continue to be sore on down hills, but overall this run felt pretty good…can’t say I’m any less nervous about Houston though…YIKES only a couple more weeks.

This year I had about 160 people RSVP…but many of the folks that I actually know didn’t end up making it due to some super fun NYE plans.  There were just over 50 runners and it was pretty exciting to realize I didn’t know most of these folks! They came because they found it online and wanted to start the year right!
We were able to run along the boardwalk, which was gorgeous then enjoy some 82GoWater pods…a Zensah raffle and finally YOGA!!  My tired legs were sooo happy for this stretch.

I am loving all the great Resolution Run photos you are sharing on Facebook and your blogs!! I’ll be drawing a winner tomorrow! Hope your year is starting off great!

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