Why Runners Make the Best Employees

Running pretty much makes you better at life.

I have no statistics to back that up, but I’m quite certain it’s true based on the amount of time we spend telling people that we went for a run, plan to run, have a vacation coming up that’s all about running and of course taking sweaty photos. If it didn’t make us awesome, we’d hide it like our addiction to knowing what happened on the latest Real Housewives.

What I DO have numbers on are all the ways that being healthy and fit makes you a better employee {when you aren’t skipping out early to take advantage of perfect running weather}.

Let’s start there!!
Why runners make the best employees - find out how your running could make you more moneyEFFICIENCY
Runners have been shown to be more efficient workers! That’s right we have things to do besides sit at our desk, it involves 0 dark o’clock with our running shoes or runch (running lunch). We will stay focused and on task to get things done so we make time for those activities.

The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) found that employees who eat healthy all day long are up to 25% more effective at work.

What’s that mean for an entrepreneur or your boss? It means producing higher quality work that will bring clients back for repeat work. It means work that earns referrals, it means work that provides the opportunity to raise rates.

In case you wonder how that comes up in an interview:

  • Efficient
  • Disciplined
  • Focused
  • Outcomes Oriented
  • Self motivated

The National World Health Organization states that eating healthy can raise our productivity 20%! What does that mean for the average worker….

  • 96 additional minutes of productivity in a “standard” 8 hour day
  • That’s one great article
  • That’s a finished report
  • That’s graphics for a new project
  • That’s following up on multiple unpaid invoices
Fit CEOs are associated with higher firm profitability…consistent with the positive impact of fitness on cognitive functions, performance and stress coping…Social Science Research Network

Employees who took even a walk at lunch have been shown to be more productive all afternoon than those who eat at their desks…yeah ramp that up by going for a runch and you’re unstoppable!! Plus you smell, so no one is going to interrupt you, again adding to your overall efficiency.

3PM slump no more: Not only are you alert without the need for sugar, which we know causes the eventual mood crash, but you’re better able to handle stress!! Because running teaches you how to keep going through the rough patches, you take that in to other areas of your life and you have an outlet to think through things!

Better stress management: Running teaches you that you can go beyond your limitations. You can handle more. You can thrive.

Optimism: We’re absolutely positive we can get this done, to get out the door to run. HA!! No really because we have a mechanism for releasing stress, runners tend to be more optimistic. It could also be the runners high (did you see this video?!)

Community: We understand the value of support. This means we’re willing to cheer others on in their endeavors and we’re willing to challenge each other to reach the best result.

AND we take less sick days {“absenteeism was 27% lower for those workers who ate healthy and regularly exercised”} so we can actually go on vacation guilt free!

YES vacation makes you a better employee too!! We all need to disconnect and recharge our mental batteries.

Not only are we healthier because of the running, but we tend to make better food choices, to get enough sleep and to prioritize our health. We understand that to keep on running, we have to take care of the one body that we have! This doesn’t mean we’re all saints when it comes to pizza, burgers and chocolate, but we need to balance it with green smoothies, lean protein and vitamins.

According to nutritionist Deanna Moncrief a diet high in processed foods and sugars will decrease performance:

“One way this happens is that the body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to function properly. It’s like operating at 60% capacity. We feel tired in the afternoon and productivity drops because we can’t concentrate, or we’re unable to efficiently handle the stress of our workday, or we have indigestion that is distracting us and preventing us from being in a good mood. We know that a person’s health affects their productivity (and, by the way, likelihood of getting hired or promoted), and what a person eats affects their health.”

You’ve long heard the statistics that a good breakfast is important for performance, but it goes beyond simply getting you ready for the morning. The right breakfast can actually help to prevent the afternoon sugar cravings and even keep you on track for that late business dinner. {Checkout these 97 high protein breakfast ideas}

Research has shown that what you eat affects: how much information you retain, how well you perform tasks, and your memory. Unlike muscles, the brain cannot store glucose, so when your blood sugar is low from skipping meals on busy days, you can’t perform optimally at work.

While the ideal lunch allows you to take a mental break and enjoy a balanced meal, sometimes they day just gets away from you and there isn’t time.  Here are some ideas that will help you power through to your evening run or stave away the munchies from a morning run!13 easy and healthy office snacks - keep them handy for pre-workout or a late day to stave off sugar cravings13 easy healthy office snacks that will help you power through to that next meal without the vending machine:

  1. Pumpkin Seeds: Most nuts make a great filling snack, but pumpkin seeds contain zinc which is great for memory.
  2. Apples: Apples are great for their filling fiber and satisfying crunch, but if oranges, pears or plums are more interesting to you then enjoy as all are on the best brain foods list.
  3. Broccoli and hummus: With less sugar than carrots and more filling fiber, a few broccoli florets with hummus can feel like a more satiating snack to hold you over. It also has vitamin K known to enhance brain function.
  4. Cottage cheese: Unlike most yogurts which contain a lot of added sugars or preservatives, cottage cheese is high in protein and has no added sugars. You can mix with a a little fruit or tbsp of honey if added sweetness is needed.
  5. Oatmeal: A slow and steady release of carbohydrates will keep your brain firing. Mix with some nut butter to slow down the release further and add some Vitamin E which is also great for brain function.
  6. Hard boiled egg: Keep them in the shell and they’ll last longer! Omega 3’s and protein this packs a punch for keeping you focused on the go.
  7. Smoothie: Sounds complex, but most only take about 2 minutes to dump in the blender and mix! Keep it simple with spinach, banana, coconut water, Vega Tropical Mango Protein {more ideas 17 protein packed smoothies}
  8. Hot Cocoa: cocoa flavanols increase blood flow to the brain and improve cognition, plus it’s comforting to hold a warm mug!
  9. Roasted chickpeas: Low in the glycemic index, high in fiber and protein these make for a tasty snack that will keep you full without any mid-afternoon crash.
  10. Whole wheat tortilla with tuna or nut butter: The whole grains will provide the carbohydrates your brain needs, while the protein will help to give you some long term energy until you can reach that next meal.

Quick healthy packaged options: Jerky, string cheese, protein bar {Caveat here is that it needs to be clean! Examples include Larabar ALT, Vega One Bar}.

Don’t forget to keep the water flowing, especially if you are drinking coffee or caffeinated tea! It will keep you from becoming dehydrated and craving sweets.

But you’re just SO BUSY. I know as a one man show or a start up the days can be long and filled to the brim…but we find ways to make time for that which is important. Seems that if eating well is going to increase the bottom line it’s worth a few minutes each day to make it happen.

Have you ever considered how what you eat impacts your work?

Does running make you a better employee?

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Magnesium For Athletes: Improve Body Composition, Performance, Calm

A lot of attention goes to calories, carbs, fats and protein. Which is great because they are the building blocks of learning about a well rounded diet, unfortunately many of us don’t realize that our veggies are no longer serving us as well as they used to thanks to soil depletion.

Nutrition Journal researchers in Taiwan surveyed 210 people for body composition, magnesium intake, inflammatory status and blood pressure. 90% of the subjects were low in magnesium which was shown to correlate with higher body fat and larger waist circumference!

For everyone who was low, when they increased magnesium body fat began to drop.

This is such an EASY and small change which could reap big rewards for your total health. Don’t take my word for it though, let’s dig in to what you really need to know about magnesium for athletes.Learn how magnesium deficiency could be impacting your performance and how to resolve itHOW MUCH DO YOU NEED?
Let’s not all run out and start pounding yet another supplement!First take a look at how much you need, some common food sources and then check the symptoms to see if you might be low.

Unfortunately this is one that doesn’t show up well is most blood tests because it’s housed in your bones and muscles, so looking at your foods and how you feel is a better way to gauge your need.

Calculate Need:
5mg of magnesium per 2.2lbs of body weight.
i.e. a 150 lb person would need 340 mg per day
Needs increase after age 30, especially for women, due to bone loss.
Athletes may need 10-20% more (500-800mg appears to be safe)

No benefit has been proven to OVER doing it with magnesium. Ensure you are getting enough and you’re solid.

Why it’s harder to get?

  • Refined oils in most packaged foods remove all magnesium
  • Refined grains/sugars remove 80-97% of magnesium
  • Soil depletion isn’t giving our food as many nutrients
  • Fertilizers diminish mineral absorption
  • Drinking lots of water (kidneys are where it’s filtered out)

Food Sources of Magnesium?
Following are some good sources of foods sources high in magnesium and an example of how much they might have. This changes per food, but will help you see what it takes to reach your target amount.
10 magnesium rich foods for your family to help you sleep, reduce anxiety, prevent headaches and even aid in fat lossDark leafy greens: spinach, kale, collard greens
– 1 cup cooked 157mg, raw 24mg

Nuts: pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed
– 1 ounce 150mg

Fish: mackerel, wild salmon, halibut, tuna
– 3 ounces 82mg

Beans: soybeans, black beans, kidney beans
– 1 cup cooked 148mg

Brown rice, oatmeal
– 1 cup cooked 86mg

– 1/2 cup 33mg

– 1 medium 32mg

Dark chocolate
– 1 large square 95mg

Non-Fat Yogurt
– 1 cup 47mg

– 1/2 cup cooked 51mg

A 2006 study showed that over half of adults were getting less than 50% of the recommended amount of magnesium. Athletes are pushing our bodies harder every day making it more important that we stay on top of our nutrient needs.Magnesium could help you lose fat, sleep better and improve performance - click to learn more about this easy health fix!If these signs sound familiar maybe it’s time to try upping your intake (I know they hit home for me!):

Anxiety, Sadness: A lack of magnesium can cause your sympathetic nervous system to be overactive, resulting in excess cortisol and of course a racing mind, which leads to the next point.

Sleep issues: Because magnesium is calming, it helps to ensure a better night of sleep. Another study showed specifically that a lack of magnesium results in brain activity during the night that results in waking frequently.

Headaches/Tinnitus/Migraines/ADHD/Focus Issues: Right so basically everything dealing with your brain working properly to focus on the task at head and not result in a pounding headache is related to magnesium!

Muscle Cramps/Abdominal pain: A few years ago I was having muscle cramps to an extreme…like nightly until I ended up in the ER!! I started drinking an enhanced water shortly there after and they went away. I knew I wasn’t dehydrated from all my blood test my minerals were good…now I know that the water had MAGNESIUM!!

Impaired Exercise Performance: A 2006 study proved that even a slight deficiency impairs performance, which is amplified by sweat loss and increases requirements by 10-20%. This is caused by an increase in the amount of oxygen needed to produce energy (ATP).

It may also reduce the build up of lactic acid and even the perception of fatigue!

Fat loss: As noted at the top, there is also significant research now to show it can help with fat loss. Which makes sense if it helps you sleep, reduces cortisol and allows you to perform better!

Chocolate cravings are also a sign of deficiency! WAVING HAND like crazy.

As with any supplement, more is not better. Find one that works for you, check with a doctor if you have any questions. I don’t play a doctor on TV and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night, I’m merely imparting the results of my research. And PLEASE look for a quality supplement.

One study of male athletes supplemented with 390 mg of magnesium per day for 25 days resulted in an increased peak oxygen uptake and total work output during work capacity tests.Dr. Sircus

Transdermal: We know that things absorb quickest through the skin, so this is certainly one option. There are a number of oils, creams or even epsom bath salts if you like to soak after a long run like me! This bypasses forcing your digestive system to do any of the work.

I prefer this one from Ancient Minerals for an oil because it’s high quality, no weird metals or toxins in there.

CALM drink: I love this drink! I have a little a few nights a week and it definitely helps me sleep better, but beware it also has an effect on the bowels! It’s going to clean you out, so start with half the recommended does and definitely try it at night. It will help you sleep and wake up to eh hem GO before your run.

Note: Natural Vitality CALM is made from magnesium chloride which is considered the most bioavailable and also the cheapest form. Epsom salt is a different form which is less bioavailable.

Oral: If you want to pop a pill, look for chelated magnesium.

Have you ever checked your magnesium levels?

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August Round Up: Running Things of Interest

Another summer of training is nearly in the books!! Could I be any more excited…NO. I can’t wait to get out of Florida summer training.

Yeah, yeah I know I tell you to embrace every run and every moment, but the first morning I get up to find it’s not 100% humidity I’m going to do a happy dance like the world has never seen.

First up on my love list…food with MY FACE on it!!! Thanks to my friends at Clif Bar for this unexpected treat! David has been devouring these bars on this mountain bike rides and now he’ll look at me while doing so…a little like eating the head off a chocolate rabbit, but cool.Custome Clif barGEAR LOVE
Seriously I have an issue…I love running gear. All of it. All the time.

I don’t collect knick knacks, I can’t stand clutter…but show me a new pair of running shoes, a book, a different foam roller and MUST HAVE.

HOKA Huaka’s: After sharing the details on testing out the Hoka Clifton and Clifton 2, I was really intrigued by the slightly different Huaka…so I had to have them!!

The Huaka is firmer and more responsive compared to the Clifton, which has a full EVA midsole. But what really intrigued me was that is the lowest offset at 2mm in the HOKA line. I’ve only had a chance to run in them a few times, but so far, so good. For triathletes they have the quick release laces!!
August Round Up of Running GearTomTom Cardio Watch: I’ve talked about my love this watch doing HR through the wrist a million times, but for me it seems to matter even more in winter. The chest strap seemed to have issues picking up my HR with cold skin…maybe I’m a vampire who knows.

Your heart rate is measured through a sensor in the watch that monitors changes in blood flow in your wrist. This is done by shining a light through the skin and detecting the changing light reflections.  — I think every single runner in the RunToTheFinish training group has ended up buying one…I swear I didn’t make them, but they love it too!

Love the watch, hate the weather.
TomTom Runner Watch reviewRUNNING BOOK
Thus when the weather is getting the best of me, I turn to finding great sources of motivation…for me that often means a book!!

On my list of top 50 running books were a few that I still had on my must read list (and of course my list has grown since that one!!). Recently, I finally carved out time on a rainy weekend to settle in and devour Run or Die by Kilian Jornet.
Review of Run or Die by Kilian JornetDon’t know who he is? Kilian is a arguably the best endurance runner in the world. He doesn’t just do Ultras, he does them in the most rugged terrain there is and often not as part of any formal race, but just as a multi-day test of his own ability.

This book was different for me in that I couldn’t totally relate to his stories because I’m not that intense! It was interesting to read the in’s and out’s of his amazing adventures, but what I really wanted was more of his mindset, which he finally started to really share at the end of the book. I’m almost positive another book is coming!!!

Here are a few stand out pieces that I think will resonate with so many of you:

An ability to keep things in their relative context is what has helped me avoid these kinds of late-night stresses and race catastrophes. If our preparation and training have been good, we should not worry whether we will finish well; if they have not been good, we shouldn’t worry either, because we know we won’t finish well.

Running motivational quote found in Run Or Die by Kilian Jornet

A great athlete is one who takes advantage of the ability that genetics have brought him in order to secure great achievements, but an exceptional athlete is one who can swim in the waters of complexity and chaos.

Photo source

Following are some of the great stories around the web that caught my attention as well:

How to Balance Running and Strength by Blondes Have More Run
Why do we get emotional about the scale
by Dick Talens
Low key female athlete dominating the Ultra World by Outside Online
Why I swear by green juice to fuel my runs by Mind Body Green
How to achieve more by intentionally doing less by Addicted 2 Success
YTP Bootcamp (need a boost try this online program) by Your Trainer Paige
3 Ways to Start Believing You’re Beautiful by Nitika Chopra
Do These 4 Things When You Start Out Running Too Fast by Race Pace Jess

I can’t get enough of this new  platform! I am not only inspired beyond words, but it’s making me take action quickly and effectively!!

One scope made me realize that while I’ve been working with brands on digital strategy I have never offered that same service to my fellow bloggers who want to turn theirs in to a business like I did. So I did!Join RunnerScope daily on PeriscopeAnother scope reminded me how much I love beach volleyball and I spent my morning run on the treadmill watching Kerri Walsh achieve something mind blowing!! In fact, I used her is an example in RunnerScope on whether you should focus on your strengths or weaknesses…do you know the answer?? You should have been there to find out!! I don’t download all of them to share, but here is one on intention setting that you’ve been emailing me about and saying has helped!

If you aren’t on Peri yet, learn about it here>>>

What’s a new running item you found in August?

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Running Mantras: Why They Work, What Elite Runners Use

You’ve heard of yoga off the mat right? It’s the idea of taking the stillness, the breathing, working through the difficult spots and living your life that way.

Well guess what, it’s time for a new trend #RunOFFtheRoad — unfortunately I’m afraid this could trigger road rage or just get trail runners excited and that’s not exactly what I mean. So all you creative peeps, ponder this during your weekend runs…how can we share the message of running in our daily life.

You know what I mean – the feeling that you can do anything, the pride of pushing through, the knowledge of caring for your body, the connection with others, the disconnection from shit that don’t matter!Running Mantras - why they work and some ideas to get you startedComing from that space, let’s talk about MANTRAS!! Not only do they work in running, but they work off the road too {out of the shoes?!}.

Running is a mental sport, more than anything else. You’re only as good as your training, and your training is only as good as your thinking.Lauren Oliver

You’ve heard of the conscious and subconscious, but did you realize that you’re often being driven by the thoughts you aren’t aware of? Your conscious mind takes over while trying to decide how you’ll squeeze in a run around a last minute phone call, a plumbing issue and a strong desire to finally eat!

Meanwhile, your subconscious kicks in to remind you that “you’re lazy” or “you’re a runner”. It all depends on the program that has been repeated over and over throughout the years. Of course we wouldn’t intentionally say things to ourselves that might derail progress, but we pick it up from magazine covers, little comments from teachers and suddenly those words turn in to beliefs: something our mind holds to be true.

In fact, I’ve even shared with you in a few articles the power of thoughts on healing or even preventing injuries!!

Your brain works incredibly fast taking in the approaching car, the barking dog and of course the pace on that watch! It doesn’t have time for you to process the subconscious beliefs popping up that tell you “this is too fast for me”, “I’m probably tired after a week of hard work” and so forth.

Which means it’s YOUR job to give your subconscious NEW programming! One of the fastest ways to do that is to find a mantra that resonates with you. Each time you repeat it, your brain and body respond…the more you use it, the more it becomes so ingrained you’ll start thinking it without even knowing!

My long time personal favorite: Stronger and stronger by the mile.
Find a mantra that will help you push through the hard moments - examples from elite runners

  • This too shall pass
  • I can. I will.
  • I am strong.Find a running mantra that works for you - click for a list to get you started
  • I am a runner.
  • Earn this.
  • Light and fast.
  • Just keep running {Nemo}
  • Breath it in. Run it out.
  • This will not kill you.
  • What if you can…
  • Quick feet.
  • I eat hills for breakfast.
  • Six pack abs – this worked when I was running near the elites :)
  • “Do or do not, there is no try.” -Master YodaSlow or fast a mile is a mile - find running mantras to keep you motivated
  • Run Hard. Be Strong. Don’t Quit.
  • This race is my B*#ch
  • Breathe.
  • Relax and roll.
  • Right left, right left.
The words have to be right to draw the right response from inside of you. The wrong words will have no emotional echo, no emotional resonance. Self-awareness is an important psychological skill. You have to know what works best for you.Gloria Balague, Ph.D., a sports psychologist

Part of the reason that mantras are so powerful is that you start to use them during training, so that on race day you have an association with getting yourself through tough runs or hitting your goal pace.Running mantras used by elite runnersKara Goucher’s favorite: Fighter

Shalane Flanagan: Run without any regrets

Ryan Hall: Doesn’t have a specific one, he focuses on following a plan instead

Meb Keflezighi: Besides “Boston Strong”, he prays

Desi Davila: Calm, Calm, Calm. Relax, Relax, Relax.

Bill Rodgers: Relentless.

Deena Kastor: Go Faster. Push Harder. Today, Define Yourself.

Amy Hastings: I breathe in strength. I breathe out weakness.

If you’re loving the mantras and want more, join this free 21 Day mantra challenge with Bex Life that happens to be kicking off again today! It will help you get in to a more positive mindset all the time, which translates to better running!
Running Mantras - why they work, what the elites use and how to find yoursMore brain games: Could your pain be all in your head?, You’re Injured: 7 Step Mental Recovery Plan, Overcoming negative thoughts while running, Why I Love a No Good, Very Bad Run.

What’s your favorite mantra?

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Top 19 Podcasts for Running

I fell in love with listening to audiobooks while running as I trained for my second marathon completely solo in 2006…almost 10 years of training later I’ve found that Podcasts are way more accessible and often way more motivating that many books. {Checkout my top 12 audiobooks for runners}.

Some people love a great story while they run, but for me it’s all about the mental benefit. I want training tips to improve or life tips or motivational words from people who have been there and done that.  Over the  years I’ve seen podcasts come and go, I’ve gone through many that just weren’t that great and finally settled on some that are always in my weekly rotation.

Here are 19 podcasts for runners with a little something for every taste!
19 Podcats for Runners - from beginners to ultra runners to those just looking for motivation in fitness you'll find something hereThe Rich Roll Podcast
I stumbled upon Rich one day after hearing him as a guest on another show and at first wasn’t sure about his podcast. They are much longer than the norm and he tends to get off on random topics…yet he is just a super interesting person. While Rich is a plant-based and prefers long and steady to say CrossFit, Rich is OPEN to ideas and brings on people from a variety of backgrounds to share knowledge. I personally loved the episode on meditation, but there have been others on endurance training, Vegan, CrossFit and business that also kept me entertained for my long run.

Tone: Focus on positive, high quality nutrition, open your mind to new things
Favorite: This is hard, but loved the recent one with Ryan Holiday.

Runner Academy
I met Matt at the NMX expo, when I was speaking about online business, and was truly impressed with his knowledge and desire to provide valuable content to listeners. Matt doesn’t rely on just his own experience for the show, he brings in great experts to discuss ideas and help everyone improve.

Tone: Become a better runner by learning from the best – interview style.
Favorite: Is it wrong to pick the one I was on?! Matt Fitzgerald – any episode

The School of Greatness
Lewis Howes a former pro-football player turned lifestyle entrepreneur talks to people who have achieved greatness in all different areas of life. One or two podcasts {like the one about testosterone} didn’t thrill me, but most of them have given me ideas to try and a desire to dig deep.

Tone: Positive, powerful, energetic
Favorite: Kyle Maynard: The no excuse approach to success

Tim Ferriss Show
Admittedly when the show first started I didn’t care for it. Which is crazy because I have LOVED all of his books. Like everything Tim has improved and I never miss an episode now because it’s always packed with useful information not just for physical training and nutrition, but mental training that makes me better in running and life.

Tone: Learn, be extreme
Favorite: Interview with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece

Jillian Michaels Show
I know, I know, but for some reason her voice MAKES me run. Her new shows aren’t always the best and I don’t agree with everything she says, but it gets me going. Older episodes are more informative for fitness and include a lot of great interviews, so really I recommend listening to anything she did prior to the middle of 2013…after that is fine, but a little more focused on her life than helpful lessons. Newer episodes are more focused on her passion for building your best life and less on talking about fitness.

Tone: Goofy, silly.
Favorite: Managing Fear show 189

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger
This was a short lived podcast, by some old names in the online world, Johnny B Truant and Joel Runyon. While they are no longer making new episodes, I definitely encourage listening to what they put together. They relate a lot of things back to athletics and certainly make you want to better than you are in every area of life.

Tone: Silly banter, lots of informative info
Favorite: Loved them all

Ben Greenfield Fitness
If biohacks and off the wall ways to improve your life are the kind of thing that get you going, then this is the show for you. It’s another where I don’t listen to every episode, but instead pull those of the most interest. Like last week I listened to an older interview on body alignment for injury prevention and it was a great reminder not only while I was running, but afterwards to do some things differently.

Tone: Scientific and loves his sarcasm.
Favorite episode: He covers so many topics in each, I can’t remember exactly which episodes have the piece I loved

Endurance Planet
I have literally just found this podcast, so I don’t have tons to tell you yet. BUT if you are an endurance runner looking to improve how your body performs by taking care of it through nutrition this is the place to be. Tawnee talks with some of the top minds like Dr Phil Maffetone and Dr Tim Noakes. Also great for those of you in triathlon as there is more talk of that here.

Tone: Smart, focused training teaching with an interview styel
Favorite episode: Kelly Starrett: Holistic Approach to Improving your performance

Runners Connect
I love that Tina Muir is an elite runner who talks about real issues like hormones, using running to give back, along with all the questions runners have about nutrition and speed. This is a newer podcast, but it’s gained a quick following and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.

Athlete on Fire
Get in to the mind of rock star runners from Den Karnazes to one’s you may know less about like Steve Reinhold who made charity and mountain climbing come together in a powerful way. Not only will you find useful training lessons, but motivation to push yourself just a little farther than you thought you could.

These might not be a fit for everyone, but provide some great information in their area of specialty!

UltraRunner Podcasts
A focus as you might guess on everything from top athletes to the training tips, psychology and more that you’ll need to tackle an ultra endurance event.

Trail Runner Nation
A focus on real people doing pretty amazing things. This podcasts is obviously going to offer a lot more for you trail runners with tips that are specific to nutrition, footing, ultra events and more.

No Meat Athlete Radio
I admit this is one I don’t listen to as frequently, but tend to pull out topics of interest when I see them pop up. He’s a little more relaxed and unplanned than some of the others, which some people definitely prefer while they are running. Obviously he talks about plant-based athletes and how to be an endurance athlete in that lifestyle.

Katy Says
This podcast is focused first on alignment and body mechanics to help you move well and remain injury free. Second to that she takes on topics from healthy kids to getting out in nature to breast health. It’s informative, but you may pick and choose which shows feel most applicable to you.

Following are  podcasts where I’ve only had a chance to listen to snippets, but they are in my iPod ready to roll because I want to hear more….but listen I can only run so many miles each week!! It’s tough to keep up with all the great one’s that are out there.

Running on Om
Zen Dude Fitness
Marathon Training Academy
Mojo for Running
The Running Podcast with Coach Jeff

**Update** A new show is just starting from a good friend, so check it out >>Running Story.

A few more positive mindset podcasts recommended by DailyBurn: Greater Good Live and Dear Sugar Radio.

Here are the 5 podcasts where I’ve been a guest!

What podcasts do you listen to?

Do you like them to be fitness related or not?

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