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Embrace the New Year’s Gym Rush: #JudgementFreeGen

I’ve been saying this for years, but you know they say you have to repeat things at least 3 times for them to sink in so I figured why not put it out there once again!I LOVE the New Year’s rush at the gym.Not everyone agrees with me, in fact, some of you have whole heartedly said you HATE my philosophy.And I get that!I remember the [...]

Small Changes Reap Big Results: 10 Simple Ideas for Weight Loss and Health

We can visualize the goal. The arms thrust in the air as we cross the finish line, zipping up the smaller jeans or finally achieving an unassisted pull up.The only thing we need is a step by step guide that will lead us to the promise land.Do x = achieve y. If we just quit all our bad habits and do exactly what they say, success is [...]

Discomfort vs Pain: The Runner’s Dilemma

Have you ever wondered if a twinge was just a normal part of running or the sign of an impending injury? Distance running is inherently uncomfortable at times, which makes it hard for many runners to discern when they should keep pushing and when it’s time to back off.As a new runner, each new distance means muscle soreness and stretching our [...]