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Fitness Gifts for Men: Save to Splurge

In August, I turned 35 and couldn't have been more thrilled. Especially when David looked at me and said "man I'm almost 40." Errr he's turning 37 in a few weeks, so almost 40 seems like a bit of a stretch and but a great example of how he makes me laugh without even trying.. What that statement really meant to me: We DON'T CARE about our [...]

Should You Take a Running Break?

For the first time since I began running in 2002, I’ve been pondering a non-injury imposed running break. Not a rest day, but an actual extended period of placing my running shoes on lock down. In the last 10 years, my training log shows only 1 month with 0 running miles and it was in the throes of my IT band pain in 2007, which I've happily [...]

Could 5 Minutes of Dynamic Stretching be the Key to Better Running

Do you lean in to your runs or jump in with vigor? If you jump in ready to rock n roll, you could be sacrificing endurance and based on all the research, risking injury. So can you spare 5, maybe 10 minutes for a better run? Running for me was a transition from a LOT of walking, so I never had an issue spending time before my run warming up [...]