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Can a Pre-Workout Supplement Improve Your Running?

Have you ever wondered if you should use coffee, green tea or other pre-workout supplements designed to take your energy level from 0 to hero? Well that might be overstating it, but that's how the ads look! I have. For better or worse, I set out to do the research and to be a guinea pig. As much as I love running and I love sharing it all [...]

FitBet: Reach Your Running Goals with Accountability

August is a prime training month for most runners due to the abundance of Fall races. It's a key month of putting in the miles, adding in the speed work and dreaming of those cool race mornings leading to PR's. Unfortunately, it's also hot, filled with family obligations and all the other life things that get in the way of sticking to a training [...]

22 No BS Marathon Training Truths

Like most runners, when I started I swore I'd never run a marathon. A mile was a struggle, what crazy person would submit themselves to 26.2?! Five years in my friends were all aware of my passion for running... How I swore it had changed my life How healthy I felt. How I enjoyed that quiet time on the roads. So when dear Jake {my 6 foot 5 [...]