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Working Out But Gaining Weight? Surprise You Might Be Doing Too Much!

You've cranked up your training from half marathon mileage to run your first marathon or maybe your 20th, either way you're putting in the miles, making great food choices {minus that well earned post long run burger} and yet that damn scale keeps going up.What gives?!This seems to be an oddly familiar cycle for a growing number of athletes [...]

5 Secrets to Simplify Your Training (and get back to your life)

Each time I talk with another runner, I come away with new training ideas. It's both a blessing and a curse!How many things can I actually do? What will actually get me results? Will the world collapse if I skip some?Efficient and effective: the two words most often used to describe me by anyone I work with. I don't like wasted time or busy [...]

22 Clean Eating High Protein Desserts: Plant Based, Paleo, Options for All

Ahhh the sweet smell of summertime sweat, ripping off those flannel layers and embracing the natural Vitamin D of sunshine. Yes, indeed I am a summer lover....Except for the whole baring it all in a swim, can we just agree that's generally no one's favorite part? It sets of a cascade of unrealistic moaning and groaning "I'll never eat dessert [...]