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10 Non-PR Running Goals: Stay Motivated without the Clock

As I've dug in to the Road to a PR series, it's been a laughable to realize that my body is revolting on this attempted PR. My hormones dropped, my fatigue ramped up and my knee began to hurt for the first time since Ireland three years ago.None of it's a deal breaker, I'm still ready to rock, but I need something to look forward too besides a [...]

Race Taper the Right Way: Avoiding Taper Madness and More

After surviving peak week, you're finally heading in to what is both loved and hated by many runners: taper.It's the time where your mind plays tricks. Was that a niggle or nag in your left knee? Did you power through enough long runs? What do you do with this abundant free time?!OMG, slow down and let's chat.First up, here are all the [...]

How to Balance CrossFit and Running

Runners tend to fall squarely in two categories:Cross training makes running more fun, by creating variety and speed. Who wants to do anything but run, that is fun.In either case, we know the benefits of cross training.So what happens when you enjoy your cross training every bit as much as your run? This seems to happen most [...]