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5 Secrets to Simplify Your Training (and get back to your life)

Each time I talk with another runner, I come away with new training ideas. It's both a blessing and a curse!How many things can I actually do? What will actually get me results? Will the world collapse if I skip some?Efficient and effective: the two words most often used to describe me by anyone I work with. I don't like wasted time or busy [...]

22 Clean Eating High Protein Desserts: Plant Based, Paleo, Options for All

Ahhh the sweet smell of summertime sweat, ripping off those flannel layers and embracing the natural Vitamin D of sunshine. Yes, indeed I am a summer lover....Except for the whole baring it all in a swim, can we just agree that's generally no one's favorite part? It sets of a cascade of unrealistic moaning and groaning "I'll never eat dessert [...]

A Cheat Sheet for Supplements and What Runners Need

As you sit outside in the early morning, getting your daily dose of natural vitmain D from the sun, while sipping your perfectly blended green monster and planning your protein packed lunch salad, you might be pondering why you'd ever bother with a supplement.Do runners need supplements?No. Yes. Maybe.Can we eat a well balanced diet, [...]