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How I Justify My Expensive Running Gear

Woah those shoes are how much?Me, every time I look at what people pay for high heels that make my toes ache and my calves scream for relief...and likely what others say about my running gear.As someone whose wallet used to be pried open only for the rare indulgence at Whole Foods and who was no stranger to garage sales for running gear in [...]

Peanut Butter Addiction Support Group

WARNING THIS IS NOT AN ANONYMOUS GROUP...join at your own risk.You might be an addict if... you feel like crying when the jar is empty. You might be an addict if ... anyone has ever had to pry the jar away from you to save you from exploding. You might be an addict if ... you find ways to incorporate it in to everything you eat!It has [...]

DVT, Meniscus, Cartilage and ACL: An MRI Mess Still Running

Oh my God, I can't be that person who starts saying "I used to run, but now my knees are bad."I'm sure it's wrong that this was my first thought after hearing the MRI results, but I'm sure my second thoughts weren't much better. "Shit this is my life. I love running. Running is my job. Shit. Damn. Holy balls."Listen according to some [...]