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Return to Running Safely After Stress Fracture (and prevent them!)

A few weeks ago on Facebook I asked what injury had taken you out of the running game and I was blown away at the number of people who said stress fracture! Not only that, but how many reported having multiple stress fractures. Like any good journalist my interest was peaked and the research began! I quickly realized that this is one of the most [...]

The Funeral Black Dress

This morning instead of finishing my long run wrapped in the warmth of an epsom salt bath, I’m pulling on my funeral black dress. Every girl should have a LBD (that's little black dress for you  gents), but at some point the parties slowed down and this one became the funeral black dress. I’ve tried to wear it other places, but death leaves a [...]

Simple Tricks to Overcome Your Fear of a Running Group

I won’t know anyone. I'll be the slowest person there. They might be zombies. All right fine, only the first two are the reasons I hear at least once a week from new runners who are longing for a running group and yet too terrified to show up. The truth is yes you will be the new kid on the block and maybe you will be the slowest. I've [...]