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Should You Take a Running Break?

For the first time since I began running in 2002, I’ve been pondering a non-injury imposed running break. Not a rest day, but an actual extended period of placing my running shoes on lock down. In the last 10 years, my training log shows only 1 month with 0 running miles and it was in the throes of my IT band pain in 2007, which I've happily [...]

Could 5 Minutes of Dynamic Stretching be the Key to Better Running

Do you lean in to your runs or jump in with vigor? If you jump in ready to rock n roll, you could be sacrificing endurance and based on all the research, risking injury. So can you spare 5, maybe 10 minutes for a better run? Running for me was a transition from a LOT of walking, so I never had an issue spending time before my run warming up [...]

Why the Last Finisher Matters Equally: Ironman Kona

What would a recap of my Hawaii experience be without some of the Ironman stories that melt your heart, break your heart and head out to get your heart pumping. Missed my other posts, here they are: Hawaii in 30 Seconds >> Complete Kona Recap >> Oakley Radar Review >> Sweating for Charity >> Kona is unlike many of [...]