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13 Easy Ways Eat More Vegetables Everyday

When I first heard the “gold standard” of healthy eating meant eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, my head nearly exploded.It sounded like A LOT and to be honest, completely impossible. But changing to this food focused was the key to my lasting weight loss because it flipped the switch from what not to eat to what to eat for [...]

Healthy Big Game Food: Recipes They’ll Eat without Question

Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!It's a big football Sunday here with the Chiefs making the playoffs and then heading off to a friends to watch their team of choice. Thus meaning my long run will be done bright and early to allow for plenty of relaxing and munching.All of this cheering and fun will culminate in a Super Bowl Sunday party here, which is [...]

Confessions of a Healthy Living Blogger

When a lot of your friends are food and fitness bloggers, it's easy to feel a little like the black sheep for not spending more time in the kitchen creating beautiful master pieces from nothing but food that you foraged in your own backyard.Every time I plate up a new meal for my family, I see shock and a hint of fear as they wonder what [...]