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True Life: I’m Married to a Runner

It's 5AM on Saturday, you roll over to discover nothing but a dent in the pillow next to you, do you know where your spouse is?If they're a runner you do!Instead of keeping you warm in bed, they're deep in a routine of bathroom breaks, chugging water and licking peanut butter from a spoon. All leading up to that inevitable moment, when they [...]

Best Treadmill for Running: How to Select the Right One

Amanda we're looking to get a new treadmill, any that you recommend?This has become a common refrain among my friends over the last 5 years as they too begin to realize all the reasons I love having a treadmill at home.I definitely have some preferences and some opinions, are we surprised? So I headed over to Sears to give you a peek at [...]

IT Band Recovery Exercises That Work Long Term

If you've been around these parts for awhile, you're probably aware that I'm obsessed with helping people run injury free. Obsessed.With.Long.Term.Pain.Free.But I'm especially fond of talking about IT Band Syndrome.Just reading it sends a shiver down my back, my nose wrinkles and I remember the years cycling through great runs and searing [...]