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Did it Happen If You Didn’t Bring Your Phone? Must Have Running Apps

In 2002, I grabbed my trusty digital Timex to time the length of my new running habit, strapped a big yellow radio to my arm and headed out without a specific route. Once home, I listened to the beep of my dial up as I logged in to MapMyRun to plot out the path I’d just taken and figure out my distance.Luckily I’m a very consistent pace, so I [...]

Curing an Emotional Hangover: What Happens When the Big Event is Done

A few days ago you crushed your PR. You wore that medal proudly all day around town. You didn’t even mind the ache of your calves as you devoured the best burger you’d ever tasted.The high of the event.So why, a few days later are you foggy headed, can’t quite focus and even your stomach feels a little bit off…did someone spike your [...]

7 Habits of Highly Fit People that You Can Easily Do

Creating healthy habits -- SNORE.It just sounds so BORING, nothing like the sparkle and pizazz of “10 minute abs” or “lose 5lbs overnight”, so our eyes glaze over just waiting for all kinds of hard things we need to do to find this magical land of healthy habits.I say hogwash and that’s why we’re going back to basics.I wanted to know [...]