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Need to Know the Weather? Ask A Runner!

If we weren't runners, I swear we might be meteorologists. At least in the week leading up to races, runners are tethered to their phones hitting refresh on the Storm app to find out what to expect. Don't know that the Storm app is...are you sure you're a runner? No worries. I'll tell you about it below. Why does it matter so much? Well I [...]

Skinny Fish Tacos {Easy, High Protein, Gluten Free}

Have you wondered lately if fat is just in vogue or if it's really and truly something you need to be eating more of?? For hundreds of years, people in other countries have known that the value of healthy fats is incredible! It's part of why every meal you sit down for in Europe has a beautiful dish of Olive Oils from Spain to eat with the bread [...]

Stock A Fridge Like the Kardashians: Healthy Foods for Easy Meals

Khloe's miracle transformation. Kim's losing too much weight. Kourtney goes crazy for organics. I'm quite happy that my life isn't under the scrutiny that the K's receive on the daily. I know they have legions of fans who would LOVE to be in their shoes {literally}, but the only time I'm envious is when someone does their hair or a chef [...]