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Oregon Dirt and Vert: My First Trail Race

You never forget your first.Clichés sound trite, but only because they ring true with such simplicity.In 2002, I ran my first race ever. I can't say I loved all 13.1 miles because I didn't really know what I was getting in to, but 2 hours and 2 minutes after starting I did know I was different.I was someone who could choose to do the [...]

Unlike Any: Women Stand Alone and NYC Running

Earlier this week, I took off with my Under Armour Women family for a quick trip to NYC to celebrate the launch of a new campaign that I'm so excited about. I keep talking about inspiring female athletes and pushing our boundaries, this is a mega brand putting their money behind that message too!Here's my fun little video recap, you have to [...]

Wanderlust 108: A Mindful Triathlon 5K, Yoga and Meditation

I've always wanted to do a triathlon. I mean I have all the required skills to swim, bike, run.What I lacked was the interest in racing, I'd prefer to just do all three sports on my own. But a MINDFUL triathlon, now that's a whole new twist on things and a great way to once again reinvigorate my meditation practice.It's easy for me to be [...]