1458.5 Miles and yes that .5 matters

I love numbers. I love seeing my miles add up and crossing days off the calendar with a note that I ran. Which means it’s no surprise that it’s time to recap my miles and compare it to previous years! Why does that .5 matter so much?? Probably because it was .5 that I had to work for at some point. Running has never been “easy” for me and that might be part of what keeps me coming back every day. I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy how it makes me feel to know I’ve taken on the challenge!

2008: 1423.3
2009: 1277.7
2010: 1600.3
2011: 1600.3
2012: 1458.5
  — Highest month: Sept 182.3 miles
  — Lowest month:  June 50 miles – took some serious time off after 13.1 Chicago to focus on cross training

In some ways I was less consistent with tracking this year, so I’m not positive if the numbers are all exact. I was surprised to realize I had dropped off so much in some areas from last year…but then again I spent half the year feeling like I was too tired to move! Wonder what 2013 will bring!

Activity 2012 2011 2010
Biking 70 hours 42 hours 13 hours
Swimming 3 hours 2 hours 3 hours
Cardio ?? 29 hours 30 hours
Walk 620 miles 980 miles 1068 miles
Strength/Yoga 100 hours 137 hours 86 hours

2012 RECAP
Current #RWRunStreak
: 40 Days
States Run in: 7 (CA, PA, MO, IA, IL, FL, TX)
Longest Run: 20 miles on treadmill
Fastest Run: 6:56 mile at Lululemon
Most interesting run: Vineyard in Napa Valley with Oakley Women and Denna Kastor
Most exciting #runnerd moment: Seriously too many this year… interviewing Ryan Hall, going to Runner’s World, watching the Olympic Trials..I could keep going!
How did this year compare?: This was a really different year in my running. I often found myself running because I really wanted to while knowing I was probably too tired to be doing it. However, now that we are figuring things out and I’m feeling better so is my running…one thing that remained the same is how much I love it.
Best race: I love 13.1 FTL every year, but running Central Park the day of the cancelled NYC marathon will certainly be a memory that stays with me for a very long time.
Goal for next year? It looks like I will be taking another swing at the NYC marathon.  Prior to that I have a lofty goal of hitting a 1:40 half marathon…and maybe faster, but let’s start there.

Training for ING Miami Half Marathon 
Dec 24
AM: 1 mile run, 20 min walk, 90 min biking with friends in Everglades
Each of us with our best alligator friend…we passed 49 alligators!!

Dec 25

AM: Plyo, 8 miles easy, 15 min walk, 20 min stretch
PM: 30 min walk

Dec 26
AM: 7.15 miles – Speed ladders. Run equal speed and recovery time x 4
3 min fast
2 min faster
1 min fastest
PM: 25 min strength, 10 min stretch, 30 min walk

Dec 27
AM: Easy 1 mile run, 20 min walk, 35 min biking at 90RPM
PM: 20 min walk, 10 min core

Dec 28
AM: 50 min walk, 5.5 miles
4 x 800 at 7:30
3 min recovery at 10:00
PM: 20 min walk, 20 min stretch
Dec 29

AM: 53 min on bike – included 2 x tabata sessions, 2 mile run, 30 min walk…then beach!
PM: Strength
Jump Collage
Teaching David how to use the camera on my Droid DNA. Seriously this thing blows my mind..I mean a phone camera that takes action shots…great clarity in any light. Anyhow no, I don’t have jumps, but it was fun anyways.

Dec 30
AM: 10 Miles — made the major mistake of running with wind at my back during easy portion
4 easy (avg 9:50), 7:38, 8:04, 7:53, 8:35 (bridge), 7:56, 8:36
20 min walk, 30 min yoga

Dec 31
AM: 2 miles easy, 30 min walk, 40 min yoga- planned
Gratitude Journal Running_motivation
Dec 30
I am grateful for living in Florida during the winter….seriously grateful after finishing a run in the cooler weather and remembering what it’s like to be sweaty and cold!

My CSI moment…then I fell over
Can one word change your year?

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