One Word Resolution: Peace

While I am not a fan of resolutions, I am a believer in always trying to improve and the idea of picking a word around which to focus my year is something I really love. Here is a recap of what I said last year:

We don’t need a special day whether it’s a Monday or New Year’s to make changes in our lives, BUT the marker of a New Year provides us with a measurable time frame for progress and that’s why it can feel so powerful. What we measure we change!

The idea of picking a single word for the year works by providing an emotional connection to our goals, while allowing for flexibility.  Example: If your goal is to run a marathon then you break your leg, it’s going to be very hard to succeed…but if your word is DETERMINATION then you’ll be more inspired to continue finding ways to be active so you can jump back in to training when you recover.

Words have power. Even a single word alone can have great meaning when used correctly. Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what that word in your life.

Even if you follow the process of creating SMART goals, sometimes it is hard to envision yourself at the end of that goal; which is why I think many of the goals we set become wishes! But with a word you can begin to embody your goal and feel successful in making small consistent habit changes. Peace2013 WORD
In 2013, I selected “Purpose” and that word served me extremely well throughout the year. It helped me to make better decisions and feel free to say “no” when I might otherwise have had shiny object syndrome. Read more about why I selected Purpose and how to select your word of the year.

2014 PEACE
My word for 2014 picked me to be honest. As I returned to practicing meditation in November, my mind kept wandering to this word over and over again. Finally I accepted that I needed to focus on it and now often repeat during meditation rather than trying to clear it away.

Your “Word of the Year” is not microwaveable — i.e., Choose the word, set a timer, and “bing!” — you manifest!  Your word is meant to teach you about you. It will often teach you about how you block your attraction and thwart your creative powers. It sometimes teaches you in paradox. – Christine Kane

What does it mean? Not Kumbaya, peace symbols and bell bottoms. For me Peace is feeling centered and calm, it’s about not overthinking and knowing that where I am is perfect. Patience is not one of my finer qualities and I know that focusing on peace will help me remember that everything unfolds in it’s own time and in the right time. peaceWhy? 2013 was truly about creating my own business, that was my focus on any trip, any event, everything…all about building and it worked! Now I need to continue being focused, but in a way that is more relaxed for the long haul to provide a better balance of doing and not doing.

How I’m staying focused:

  • Pinterest board with Peace images
  • Ordered a bracelet with the word Peace
  • Coming back to this desired feeling each time I’m faced with big decisions or start feeling stressed.

If you lived one word for every day of 2014 how would your life be different?
Gratitude Journal
Jan 3
I am grateful for the marker of a New Year, which feels like a clean slate and chance to start fresh.

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