Workouts and Gear: Jealousy is not Green

I have to admit that my inner runner is starting to get a little envious of all the marathon sign ups or completions floating around…now rationally I know that even doing my low double digit runs is pushing it, but emotionally I don’t really care. Let’s be honest if runners were rational we wouldn’t run 26.2 miles…MORE THAN ONCE!
Jealously is officially Boston Marathon Orange (jacket), not because I believe I deserved to run, but because I wish I had been there to experience everyone’s excitement, the events and to cheer! It’s also got me taking out and putting away my credit card repeatedly as folks mention new fun races. 

Apparently jealousy is a little bit of neon pink too because every time I sport my new Kinvara 3’s I’m nervous someone might actually rip my foot off, high demand baby. In fact so high demand that I must admit when it was raining this morning, I took them off and put on my old Kinvara 2’s because I wanted to keep them nice…I’ve never done that before!
Apr 16AM: So sore from the CrossFit squats on Sunday, 1.5 mile easy run, 15 min walk – I think it also proved my concern about CrossFit form as my knee has been in pain ever since.
PM: 60 min walk
Apr 17AM: 15 min walk, 20 min ToneItUp Strength
Lunch: 15 min walk
PM: 5.5 mile tempo run with run club, 15 min walk
The amazing Lulu girls who have inspired me a great deal lately to show up when I might otherwise have simply taken it easy. Thank you Claudia, Cristina and Mallory!

Apr 18

AM: 20 min walk, 1.6 mile run, 60 min bike trainer @19mph
Lunch: 2 mile run, 20 min weights, 5 min walk
Apr 19
AM: ZWOW #6, 3 mile run, 50 min walk
PM: Amazing 30 min session of strength exercises to help strengthen gluteus and quadsbodyzen
Another great free session offered by Lululemon and BodyZen coach Lee!
Apr 20

AM: 4 mile run, this was hard today, 30 min walk, 45 min bike @18.8mpph
Apr 21
AM: I woke up in head to toe hives so I wasn’t sure how the morning would work out…good as it turns out!! 2 mile run, 45 min bike, 2 mile run, 30 min bike, P90X stretch DVD (runs at 9:45, bike @18.7mph)
Apr 22
AM: 12 mile run felt pretty good, just an ongoing sore knee. 25 min walk, 35 min yoga
Totals will be coming back as I start training for a specific race and get the official dr green light.
Overall: I am not sure how I feel about this that weird? All I really want to do is get back to running, running, running…but it just isn’t what my body is agreeing to right now.
Best Workout: I got really excited to complete a ZWOW workout from start to finish!
Nutrition: After realizing how great it was to have meals in the house last weekend, I kept it up this week and have even planned things for David while I will be away this week.
iPod: I’m finding my way back to audiobooks with things like Tony Robbins.

New Gear: Boston Marathon Jackets
While I obviously do not have one of these, I wanted to give a shout out to all the amazing runners who worked their butts off to get to Boston and then did their best to enjoy what was given to them with the weather. boston

Special shout out to a few RTTF readers:

Mile Posts

Do you covet the Boston jacket? I’m not sure if it’s on my bucket list of things to accomplish, but I do want to experience the excitement of being there surrounded by amazing runners.

Gratitude JournalRunning_motivation
Apr 22
I am grateful for finishing up my run before the torrential downpour started this morning…but also for running after the first rain which made the air cool and gave everything a fresh smell.

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