About Amanda C Brooks

RunToTheFinish is a place to provide motivation to myself and others in this crazy journey of living healthy. I know what it's like to fake knee pain to get out of running or hear someone say they crave vegetables and think they are batty!

That's why I'm sharing my story, clean eating recipes, workout ideas, running tips, motivation, expert interviews, travel, adventure, joy and LIFE all of which is geared to help:
- Understand clean eating {not dieting}
- Enjoy the fitness habit
- Create a healthy life {without all the stress}
- Find consistent motivation to reach goals
In the beginning of my healthy living journey, I knew only that running made me joyful so I just kept doing it.  In the last few years, I have expanded my horizons and realized that active living in general makes my life full and fantastic. Which means now I do yoga, kick boxing, swimming, biking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, meditation, healthy cooking and any other activity I can find! I am always ready to try new things and share them here…sweaty, goofy details and all.

Contributing Writer: CraveLocal.com, TheActiveTimes.com, BiteSizeWellness.com
Featured on: Women's Health Magazine promotions, featured in Self Magazine, Women's Running Magazine Blogger on the Run, Fitness Magazine The Fit Stop

I've also appeared on a number of podcasts which you can find here.
Speaker: Fitbloggin 2012, HLS 2012, Puerto Rico Marathon Expo 2013, New Media Expo 2014

An only child raised in Kansas City, I played every sport under the sun, but was frequently told I stunk at running and even in to college people commented on my "baby fat".  Once I realized I wanted to FEEL differently about my body, I began to make small changes that I could maintain for life and as a result my body and mind started to change.
{Read about my 35 lb weight loss to fitness journey.}
Running was an integral part of my weight loss journey, but not simply because it involved burning calories!  After my very first race {a half marathon}, I found within myself a new deep sense of pride and I wanted to feel that every day.

I’ve never been terribly interested in racing because that creates a pressure around running. I simply run 50 mile weeks because I can and I want to…that’s not to say that I haven’t raced and enjoyed many of these experiences!! You can read all of my race reports and find out which one’s I really loved on my Race Reports page.

I graduated from Mizzou in 2003 with a degree in Journalism which was fueled by my desire to follow my passion of writing.  Instead after college I found an amazing job with  a company that allowed me to spend 9 years developing my analytical thinking skills by providing online consulting services to Fortune 500 companies around the US. Then in 2012, I decided to make a change for my health and pursue blogging full time.

Shortly after graduation, I also met my husband.  We were married in the world’s weirdest weather horrifying ceremony on March 29, 2008 and as with everything in our marriage he taught me how to roll with the punches and keep on laughing. I helped him start traveling around the world per my passion and his job moved us right out of KC to Miami Beach in 2008!  We are currently settled in Orlando and awaiting our next "home".  The best part is making new friends in cities all over the country.
We have two kitties that are showered with love and don't yet have an answer to the "will you have children" question.
I have so many goals and so many hopes for life that you will see weekly goal posts. My primary life goal is to continue growing every day in to a better person and as Oprah would say "live my best life".
During different points you may see goals to hit a certain time or complete a certain race, but those are secondary to enjoying each moment, traveling the world, loving my husband, being a great daughter, being good at my job and laughing…lots of laughing.

Race Reports
Weird Wedding Story
Weight loss Process
Our move to Miami
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Ovary Diaries - My estrogen issue

One other thing you will see here at RunToTheFinish is a daily gratitude journal. This is my way of remembering that life is wonderful and it’s been exciting to see many of you adopt the daily gratitude journal in your own blogs!

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