My Mission is Greater than My Fear

They say to do at least one thing a day that scares you, whoever they are must have been talking directly to me. I’ve mastered this task since deciding to take RTTF from a hobby to a business. I am scared as hell; pardon my language, but I’m being real with you.

I wake up every morning excited and passionate about what I’m doing…by 3PM I think holy heck I’ve lost my mind. I mean I don’t have a regular paycheck anymore, which allowed me to feel secure about the future and just as importantly made me feel I was contributing to the world. I am working my tail off from the moment my eyes open until I hit the pillow again to collaborate with great sponsors, find new places to write, expand what I can offer my readers and at the end of the day make sure it all still feels like me. It’s snakes on a plane scary up in here every day when the sun sets and it’s just me making the decisions. I like routine, I like certainty and I like a paycheck….I also like seeing what I’m made of.

IT’S SO SIMPLE AND YET SO HARD, that’s the truth about ALL of our goals.

Maybe a year from now RTTF will be this cute little thing I did, like in college when I dressed up as the NBC Peacock mascot at state fairs or sold educational books door to door in Atlanta.  I don’t know. I do know that if I don’t ask and I don’t try the answer is always no. But if I’m willing to step out then maybe, just maybe everything I need will appear in the right time to make it all happen.MissionI don’t mean my mission is something grand like Mother Teresa, I’m not saving the poor. I don’t even mean my LIFE mission at this point and time…I simply mean my mission as in what I want to achieve in business, health, love and yes running. The big dirty secret no one wants to share is that every successful person you admire had a moment of terror when they took a GIANT leap and wondered if they’d find solid ground or a free fall.

Will you help me reach my goal of connecting with 1 million readers in 2013? 

Holy crap did that girl say 1 million? Yes. Will you help me? Use the buttons below this post to share it on any of your social networks….then let’s connect! And don’t worry the coming months will be less about me and more about you, I can’t wait to introduce you to some of my favorite people.

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That’s right, I am officially asking for your help. How’s that for stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing I can’t do things alone. My word of the year is PURPOSE and part of that purpose is to embrace my mission statement and live it no matter how much it makes me sweat when I’m not even in my running clothes.

I’ve written before about how we often don’t label the things that are holding us back as fear, but this time I’m very aware that’s what it is because my heart was beating rapidly and I was breaking out in a sweat just thinking about publishing this! This is my declaration that I’m willing to try and fail…and do it publicly!

  • I am going to use the Mount Everest method to make progress and remember that “fear is ok, but complacency will kill you.”
  • I am going to remember that if I choose to worry it is just that a choice because life has always found a way to work out thus far and will continue to do so as I listen to my intuition, practice being more loving and embracing my own flaws!
  • I am going to branch out and try new things like podcasts and writing a book and if all else fails, I’ll go back to this…

KOMUPeacockFor those who were dying to see it, yes this is what I wore to city fairs all summer long in Missouri as part of my internship…it really made me in to the woman I am today…one who can handle her own stench. I’ll pull the specific picture of me when I get my old photos back and scanned.
Gratitude Journal
Jan 4
I am pretty grateful this post is going live while I’m 30,000 feet in the air on my way to Utah so I can’t obsessively check to see if anyone is willing to help…but once I land that’s another story.

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