January Best Foot Challenge: Golden Mornings

#BestFoot Challenges are about not waiting for a Monday, a birthday or New Year’s to make changes for a better life. We often get caught in a desire for perfection that prevents us from taking small steps each day which will help us reach our goals.

The goal for the 2013 challenges is to build on the success of each previous month, thus adding up to 12 changes at the end of the year! New Year’s is a time where we set big goals for our year, but often that goal seems so far away and impossible to achieve that we begin to back away from it or create excuses as the year progresses and we haven’t quite made it.

The first challenge in 2013 is about creating a single new habit that will help us all reach whatever goal we have set. There are a million challenges out there now from plank a day to the squatathon and I think they are all great, but this year I wanted to think bigger and with a focus on our ultimate goals.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?? Ok after that what is it that you do? Do you say your affirmations, do you meditate, do you free write?  Probably not. You probably dive right in to checking social media or zipping out the door to squeeze in a workout or start the coffee as you hop in the shower.

Louise Hay QuoteFor January 2013 the challenge is simple…and hard because it may require changing your patterns. It’s about creating one single new habit. Enjoying the success of your habit to build more habits.

Challenge: 5 minutes upon waking spent saying affirmations, creating a gratitude list, meditating, or free writing. 

GoldenMorningsTony Robbins likes to call it the Hour of Power and Zig Ziglar promotes at least 15 minutes…but we are all about making a habit that will stick by starting SMALL and relishing that SUCCESS. The idea of our 5 minutes is to create a POSITIVE mindset for our day.

TIP 1: Even if you are finding day two that you can do 10 minutes, 20 minutes…DON’T!! Week one stick to just 5 minutes, we don’t want to start strong and fizzle.

TIP 2: A starter guide to meditation >> Check out all the ways it can benefit you and some of the top performers who use it like Oprah, Albert Einstein, Elle Macpherson.

TIP 3: Why free writing? Have you ever noticed that you repeat things over and over in your mind? The act of simply writing it down seems to help us let it go, move on and focus our energy where it’s really needed.

TIP 4: Here is why I started a daily gratitude journal and it creates an incompatible behavior with stress. You cannot be thinking thoughts of love, appreciation and joy while simultaneously feeling stressed.

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— I’ve talked about this before, but the community we have created is what makes these challenges successful for us all. Accountability. Idea Sharing. Friendship. Motivation. Excitement….tap in to all of it!
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5. Print out the tracking sheet and mark off each day you complete your 5 Golden MinutesGolden Morning Tracking SheetClick image for larger downloadable version.

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Gratitude Journal
Dec 24
I am grateful for the opportunity to follow my passion and take the time to see where it may lead without any expectations.

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