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When Run Like a Mother came out, I admit that I shunned it thinking that as a non-mommy runner it simply Train like a motherwouldn’t have any value for me. Luckily a friend lent me the book and very pleasantly reminded me that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

These two great ladies (Sarah and Dimity) have shown us all how our time on the road may be run solo, in a group or behind a stroller it doesn’t matter we have all felt the same things and overcome obstacles to run. In their new book Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line – and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, they provide more practical advice and anecdotes that further show how connected we all are!

Here are a few more lessons from these great teachers:

SCIENCE: GI issues happen to even the most seasoned runner, but the newbie really should expect it to happen. It’s not something most training books talk about beyond recommended food…TLAM gives you real examples from real women about what happens on long runs/race day and how they found a porta pottie or at least a bush. It helps with some of the embarrassment you might be feeling!

MATH: If train A leaves at 10 am and your kid vomits at 9:45…well the point is that no matter how much you plan the cards may not line up for race training. However even when it isn’t the right time to focus on a long distance race it is always the right time to get creative and ensue that you are able to get in a few sanity miles.

ENGLISH: I before e except after c. There are some rules that are set in stone and there are some workouts that you cannot miss if you want to hit your race goal…or even make it to the start line.  Each training plan provided in TLAM recognizes that some weeks you get a flat tire, have a teachers conference, are awake all night and simply cannot make a workout happen…they also clearly point out specific workouts that are non-negotiable if you want to line up feeling confident and finish injury free.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Running as a mother part of a family is a fine art that requires the study of those around you to find what will help them feel best about the time you need. It’s also about finding out where you fit in a group. Yes there is that scary word again…running group, but as these two clearly show the benefits of finding a running partner go well beyond the time on the road.
Of course I’m not giving any way an of their specific plans or tips because I want you to read the book!  

I promise this one will have you laughing, remembering your own bizarre moments and wishing you had sent in one of the hundreds of quotes that fill the pages because you can so clearly relate.

Now that you have completed your lessons, it’s time for recess. Go run.
Gratitude Journal
April 17
I am grateful for the ability to speed read and the time to slow down and thoroughly enjoy a book when I want.

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