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Eating and Exercising to Burn More Fat

After finishing my Metabolic Efficiency test, I had some action steps to take to start burning more fat and more importantly, I was committed to getting results. I really wanted to find out if this would work and report back to you.If you haven't read part 1 to understand ME, calorie burn and using more fat for fuel, then I'd recommend starting [...]

Metabolic Efficiency: Improve Fat Burning, Endurance and Prevent Bonking

I first shared a story about metabolic efficiency in 2014, as I watched a fellow runner slowly transform her body. After listening to her talk about struggling with weight despite being a distance runner for years, I was intrigued by what she was doing. Her response was simple: “burn more fat”.It wasn’t a diet. It wasn’t counting macros. It [...]

Resistance Band Workout For Hip Strengthening And Glute Activation

You might think that I work only two parts of my body: my legs during running and my hips during PT because well that's what I talk about a LOT, like all the time, constantly.What can I say, I've learned the hard way that hip strengthening exercises must the corner stone of most runner's pre-hab strengthening routines to keep us running injury [...]