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Marathon Training Fatigue: When Your Runs Suddenly Feel Too Hard

Training fatigue is a super common component of building mileage whether it's for a marathon, half marathon or triathlon. We're requesting that each week the body do just a bit more and that's going to require breaking the body down to build it up.But we can combat the traditional symptoms of burnout and training fatigue with a few smart [...]

Galloway Vs Hanson: Which Marathon Training Plan is Right For You?

Have you ever wondered the difference between all the marathon training plans out there? How do you begin to pick a marathon training plan? Will a free marathon plan off the internet do the trick?FIRST, Galloway Method, Hal Higdon training or this crazy Low Heart Rate thing that I've been rambling about for years now?I've broken down [...]

Best All Natural Sunscreen for Runners

After some great discussions on Instagram about my own past hormone issues and learning more about how what's in our products can impact our thyroid and adrenals, I got 15 direct messages within an hour asking about my favorite all natural sunscreen.That's usually a sign to me that a full on blog post is needed because I can provide more [...]