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Skip These Workout Hair Mistakes to Prevent Breakage

Swish,swish,swish…it’s not the sound of three point shooter on fire, but the noise I imagine my hair making while I run. And when I had to chop it all off a few years ago after getting sick, I missed that invisible noise.The feeling that it gave me. The one thing that made my surfboard body feel a little more feminine. Hair is like the [...]

Secrets to Preventing Workout Acne

At 16, a volleyball teammates mother turned to me one day and said "geez what are you, like a walking Noxzema ad?" I was utterly confused because until that point, water was basically all that I'd ever thought about putting on my face.Yup, I was the lucky teen with clear skin. I had the occasional pimple right on the end of my nose, which was [...]

Why Runners Make the Best Employees

Running pretty much makes you better at life.I have no statistics to back that up, but I'm quite certain it's true based on the amount of time we spend telling people that we went for a run, plan to run, have a vacation coming up that's all about running and of course taking sweaty photos. If it didn't make us awesome, we'd hide it like our [...]