My Gear

I have tried to be very honest in my product reviews and sometimes I think the things that I truly love get lost in the mix. Due to spending 9 years as an eCommerce consultant I am an online shopper to my core...luckily I can order all of my fav's online and generally with free shipping.

In some cases, I do receive an affiliate fee for your purchase through one of my links. I appreciate your support and hope if you do consider these products that you will purchase through here to help me show these great companies that it's valuable to share with my readers.

Hopefully these lists will help you in your journey or maybe gift ideas for the crazy runner in your life.

Vega Sport - I use this every single morning for a couple of reasons; it contains glutamine which helps my stomach to feel better and it's completely free of any chemicals/dairy/gluten/fillers.

Vegan Cuts -  Are you always looking for great new snacks or on the good foods...ok I am because I travel and love having options. This is a monthly subscription package, which makes it even more fun because it's a surprise each time and hey if you don't like something you didn't buy a whole bottle or bag.

2XU - I have to admit I've had some trouble working with this company, BUT I love their products so I am including them anyways. In the last 2 years, I have worn 2XU compression pants or capri's during and after every race that I have run. They keep my calves from cramping up and allow me to recover much faster.

Healthy Bites - I adore Lindsay, but to be honest she really found a place in my heart the first time I tried her vegan peppermint protein healthy bite....a treat that is 100% healthy for me seems like one of those things that is too good to be true, but it's not!