Clean and Lean Project

"I've been trying to eat "better" for a while now, but participating in Clean and Lean gave me so much useful information that I could easily apply to my life. I guess I say "Amanda says" so much that my husband has started referring to you as my hero. " -- Beth U.

  • Stop worrying about which diet to follow.
  • Stop using the scale as a measure of success.
  • Break through all the confusion to find what works for you.

    Buck the trends and the fad diets, the next 28 days are about creating a lifestyle you can enjoy forever to achieve optimal weight, health and athletic performance.
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    This program is designed to provide support, encouragement, tips and motivation to create habits that make clean eating a lifestyle. This project will allow new information and ideas to find their way in to your subconscious so you can pull them out as needed to make new choices. It's time to combine your work in the gym, with smart choices in the kitchen and mind set that will keep you on track.

    • Preparation emails to get you ready for clean eating
    • 28 Daily emails with a focus area (i.e. detoxing, core workouts, meals vs snacks)
    • Tons of resources, recipes, mantras, tips and exeprts
    • Private Facebook group for consistent support, daily check ins {lifetime access}
    • Personal tracking log (what we measure we manage)
    • Core workouts
    • **New**Downloadable guides for staying on track while traveling, personal progress tracking, weekly sample meal plans

    OPTIONAL: Sugar Detox Jumpstart workshop which includes:
    • 1 hour recorded workshop lead by myself with the input of Holistic Nutritionist Laura Boll Peifer
    • Understanding how sugar harms your body {knowledge is power}
    • How to stay on track over the weekends
    • Tips on conquering the cravings
    • Just 7 days without sugar will help to reset your taste buds and regulate insulin to reduce cravings and start the process of releasing fat!

    IT IS NOT: An eating plan. While you will receive recommendations and recipes and menus, this is about creating YOUR best diet to achieve your goals. No single way of eating works for everyone.  It’s not a fast. It’s not a juice cleanse.

    • No need to buy a juicer or any other fancy tools to do this challenge.
    • Read the daily emails and use the group for support.
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    In case you need a reminder as to why we're cutting out all this processed food:
    • it suppresses your immune system
    • promotes weight gain and obesity
    • contributes to depression, anxiety and mood swings
    • causes an insulin response, contributing to insulin resistance and diabetes
    • can cause hormonal imbalances
    • increases risk for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
    • will reduce good HDL cholesterol and increase bad LDL cholesterol
    • prohibits weight loss
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    Amanda is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Information provided will be from her own weight loss/maintenance experience, experience working with many others over the years and that of many other fitness professionals. For individualized recommendations and nutrition assessments, please see a local RD or ask for a recommendation! I know a few good folks.