Swimming with Music

I enjoy swimming…but can’t often get myself all excited to go do it…but ohhh now I have something fun to share with you.

H2OAudio provides headphones and waterproof cases that allow you to take your music with you to the pool…or say kayaking…or say paddle boarding! Yes, I am really excited about this new development in my active lifestyle.

I was worried about the cord bothering me while I swam, but truly threading it up through my suit I never noticed it. The only issue I have had is finding the ear plugs that will stay in for me. I have tried a few different sizes (because they provide an awesome kit with tons of options) and thus far haven’t found the pair that works perfect for me. The pair I tried this morning stayed in the longest, so now I’ll just try the next size to it…no worries I will force myself to endure through music filled swims to find the right pair.

The biggest thing is obviously that yes indeed your iPod does stay dry! I was skeptical and had to try dunking it in water a few times to make sure nothing seeped in before I really used it. Open-mouthed smileH2OAudio also has a great model for those of you with a shuffle that you actually put on your head and can control with quick buttons so there is no worry about chords…but I liked this arm band because I can use it for so many water sports.

Have you ever tried swimming with music?
Gratitude Journal
June 21
I am grateful for pool access
I am grateful for open water swimssig
I am grateful for sweaty pix that prove to me my insanity
I am grateful for time to read a good book
I am grateful for neck pillows

Now that is awesome

As you know from previous posts I’m not a resolution maker…but I do love reviewing my workout log on an annual basis…I’m a numbers freak and probably should have been an accountant. For the first time ever, I tried to record ALL my time and not just my runs…the numbers are INCREDIBLE to me!

Running: 1600.3
    Lowest mileage: 45 miles in July with various injuries
    Highest mileage: 201.9 miles in December
Walking: 267 hours at my normal pace that equal 1068 miles
Elliptical/Cross Training: 30 hours – Bet you didn’t even know I did the elliptical, I never mention it!
Strength/Yoga: 102 hours – Thank you free yoga!
Biking: 14 hours
Swimming: 2 hours and 33 minutes – guess I know where I can improve!

2007: I managed to run an astonishing 2064.78 miles and the funny part is I didn’t run a single race over 13.1 miles that year.
2008: 1423.3 miles due to runners knee and dislocated knee
2009: I spent much of the year being injured, you recall the 14 miles walking in San Diego.. 1277 miles logged.

David and I kept things low key last night after a busy day…we walked out to the ocean at midnight with hundreds of others to watch fireworks. It was pretty amazing to realize it was January and here I was outside in a short sleeve shirt, I still don’t believe I live in Miami. :)  I have a great Resolution Run Report coming too!!
Gratitude Journal
Jan 1
I am grateful for good night time photos
I am grateful for newlywedssig
I am grateful for friends who follow through
I am grateful for brightly colored running gear
I am grateful for reflective running gear

Tri Suiting Up

DSCN2453Living for the first time in my life near the ocean has inspired me to take up swimming again… oh that and the friend who keeps mentioning a certain 70.3 race.

Of course this was an excuse reason to ensure I had all the right gear for getting the job done.

Back on the varsity team in HS all I needed was a suit, googles and a cap, but now….
I’ve had this lovely speedo for a few years because of the occasional laps in the pool and I do love it. However, once I started doing the SWIM/RUN workouts I really fell in love with my Sugoi and CEP Tri suits because they just make the process so much easier!!

That being said those puppies are thin, so I had to seek out some great Triathlon Sports Bra’>Triathlon Sports Bras to wear with them. The pink one from Nike has a sticky strap to ensure it stays in place and umm some padding so I look less boy like once I’m all geared up.  Which brings me to my first question, can swimming make you look any more retarded or less sexy???
DSCN2409 DSCN2408
Then again if I run with my little suity suit unzipped…well D let me know that was DAMN sexy…too bad for him I’m a prude and it will likely be zippered on up. Ok now let’s talk about this Sugoi Tri suit (thank you Outside PR), if you are looking for one ladies I highly recommend it and here is why:
Seriously lightweight
fits a women the way it should
quick drying
light pad for biking
long enough not to ride up during run, not so long as to look like your mans tri suit
very secure pockets, easy zippers, no baggy pants after swimming
DSCN2406 DSCN2407
On my 4 foot rough seas adventure this weekend, I busted out the CEP Compression Tri Suit (yup your favorite CEP Compression socks’>compression sock maker has suits!) and based on my ongoing love for compression we know where this is going.  Major plus would be that after hopping out of the water the compression pants certainly help get those legs moving, otherwise I can’t say I noticed a difference swimming…it was a short swim though.  Downside…seriously hard to get on so if you need to pee prior to a race this puppy might not be so great and I wore this suit for about an hour after the workout to breakfast…I ended up with some scratches from the seams.
What’s your preferred swim outfit? Do you prefer tri suits when you are doing brick workouts or you just suck it up and enjoy the wet running shorts?
Gratitude Journal
Sept 07
I am grateful for warm water
I am grateful for tinted gogglessig
I am grateful for raspberries
I am grateful for agave
I am grateful for David

Exercise Addiction

Long weekends or days off work used to immediately make me excited because it meant extra time to run.  Reading an article about Exercise Addiction recently I started to think, uhh well I do workout a lot…am I overdoing? Am I making sacrifices to fit in my workouts? When I actually look at a list of questions the answer seems like it might be …YES.. I never get enough correct answers in magazine quizzes to be something cool like a Sex Goddess or Millionaire by 20, but this one I get?

Here are some sample questions (3 or more yes’s means you need to evaluate things):

  • I have missed important social obligations and family events in order to exercise.  – No
  • I have given up other interests, including time with friends, in order to make more time to work out. – No
  • Missing a workout makes me irritable and depressed. – Yes
  • I only feel content when I am exercising or within the hour after exercising. – No
  • I like exercise better than sex, good food, or a movie — in fact there’s almost nothing I’d rather do. –Uhh maybe..geeesh…that may be no good.
  • I work out even if I’m sick, injured, or exhausted. I’ll feel better when I get moving anyway. – Yes
  • In addition to my regular schedule, I’ll exercise more if I find extra time. – Yes
  • Family and friends have told me I’m too involved in exercise. – Possibly
  • I have a history (or a family history) of anxiety or depression. – Yes

    Taking this quiz basically says Amanda You Are an Exercise Addiction.  So I guess maybe I am addicted to the endorphins, I do love feeling my body move and I do love enjoying a cookie without worrying about my weight.

    At the same time this week when David needed me on Wednesday I quickly cut 5 miles to 3 and took at 30 second shower to ensure I was there for him.  And yes on this long weekend I did enjoy a HUGE variety of workouts… long run, yoga in the park, easy run, open water swim, another easy run and more yoga.  I also spent loads of time talking with my hubby, I read an entire book and went to a movie!
    Friends and family that are not runners already think those of us training for a marathon have issues, but the reality is that’s not exercise addiction.  Training for an Ironman when you hate it or don’t want to…now that..that’s an issue. 

    So take the quiz, where do you fall??  I’m sticking with the fact that I have a healthy connection with my body and I have some goals right now, which mean I gotta workout to hit them…and I”m balancing that with rest, time with hubs and joy.

    Now I have to share with you the weirdest pizza ever…segregated toppings!!!  After that yummy meal, D and I walked down to the ocean for a bit…mmm fun times.
    Gratitude Journal
    Sept 06
    I am grateful for holidays that don’t count towards vacation
    I am grateful for mushroom salsa sig
    I am grateful for filling eggs
    I am grateful for all natural guacamole
    I am grateful for my NIkon

  • A Plan Stan – How to Work It ALL in

    I’ve talked many times about how I am an organizational nut job and yet when it comes to my running, I have yet to truly follow a plan all the way through! The closest I came was RNR Seattle and if it hadn’t been for that lovely bacterial infection in my stomach it probably would have paid off!

    However…I have to put together a plan for both myself and Thomas (Decide2BeGreat).  Why? Well because darn it we both deserve to have a friggin fabulous race and I know with him pushing me I may actually just get through the speed work. As I was working on this post I came across this from DietitianOnTheRun and it was also a good example of working it all in to the week.

    My downfall is always speed work.  Why hate it? It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish if I push that hard, I get hurt, it’s not fun and running is supposed to be fun. 

    New attitude and new plan: Running hard can be fun because I can actually see what I’m capable of…pushing hard at first may mean walking later, but I won’t know unless I start trying.

    Doing intervals one day a week – This could mean quick HIIT intervals or longer intervals or hill work.  I’m not getting specific because I know 800’s don’t work for me and I won’t consistently do the exact same intervals every week.

    Doing tempo runs one day a week – This works out perfectly with the group runs on either Wed or Thursday because both groups have such a variety of runners that I can warm up before the run and then use their energy to push myself!!  The tempo runs will get longer as the plan progresses and that’s when I will really be looking for all you speedsters to help me with advice on pushing through the discomfort.

    Running is my passion so for years that was all I had to worry about when I was planning. I hit 50 miles weekly without thinking twice because every workout was a run! But now I am seeing the benefits of yoga and weight lifting… I’m also being slowly persuaded to consider doing a tri which means swimming and biking. Which means you’ll be seeing more of this Sugoi suit (full review coming soon) …yes it makes me look like a boy and I will still wear it.DSCN2291Yoga: I am in love with the Bayfront Yoga (FREE!!!) on Saturdays after my long run because it makes my legs feel great the next day. And on Monday nights, talk about a great thing to look forward to on Mondays…plus did I mention the FREE part?!

    Weights: I am trying to get in 2-3 sessions of 20 minutes using moves from P90X, but not following the DVD’s exactly right now. If time permits I will try to do the DVD’s, but still only 3 days and no leg work ever for moi.

    Bike: Right now Sundays are the only day I am truly committing to biking, the rest of the time it’s just happening when it happens. Probably because this is still my least favorite thing to do.

    Swim: Tuesdays have become Swim/Run day with Thomas and Dan and I love it! After I swim, my legs are just fired up to run and that is fun.  Fridays will also probably be swim days as that is a good workout that won’t tire my legs for Saturday long runs.  

    Insanity:  Ok I haven’t worked it back in yet, but I want to…the Insanity Program is what finally made me realize I could push harder and it made me faster. So how to work it in on not a speed day, long run day or rest day is the problem.

    REST – So this is what is largely missing, I don’t have a 100% rest day, but I don’t really like having one either…so we shall see. :)

    When you create a plan for a race do you take in to account all of your cross training? Or do you focus solely on that race and only worry about cross training in the off season?

    Do I need to do all of these things?? No, but I am dedicated and focused right now on achieving some goals, so as long as I am smart and healthy I will find a way to make it work. You can see my workouts in the right hand bar of my site.
    Gratitude Journal
    Sept 1sig
    I am grateful for my iPhone
    I am grateful for free apps
    I am grateful for Twitter
    I am grateful for affiliate programs 
    I am grateful for the rain – even if I am tired of being soaked