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A Cheat Sheet for Supplements and What Runners Need

As you sit outside in the early morning, getting your daily dose of natural vitmain D from the sun, while sipping your perfectly blended green monster and planning your protein packed lunch salad, you might be pondering why you'd ever bother with a supplement.Do runners need supplements?No. Yes. Maybe.Can we eat a well balanced diet, [...]

Biggest Runner Pet Peeves: Read It. Remember It. Stop Doing It.

It's happening, you're sliding in to the zone, the world is fading away and you're now one with your running shoes. Who knows, maybe you'll just run for days, maybe you'll never stop, why would you when it feels so good?!Then some yahoo honks, you leap out of your skin as your adrenaline shoots sky high and you look around furiously wondering [...]

Uncommon Knee Pain Relief Techniques: PRP, Myokinesthetics, Dry Needling

Turns out ice and rest aren't all they're cracked up to be.Initially, they might help, but in many cases like your IT Band, resting actually leads to stiffer, tighter muscles and a runner wound so tight someone else is bound to get injured. I've had nearly a 10 year streak of little to no major injuries, so when my knee started to act up I [...]