6 Things of Interest: Online Communities for goal achievement

After posting about ”my fitness self” I was shocked to hear how many of you also prefer to workout alone…and yet you do still love to talk about fitness and have a community for support of goals. Maybe this is why online communities have grown so much over the last 5 years {find your tribe}!

Here are some of the great programs I’ve seen that will help give you some added support when you may not be finding it around you, a kick in the pants when you are being lazy and tons of great information to get you to your goals.

2014 Winter Miles Challenge
Run With Jess does an amazing job of hosting virtual runs that get people moving all year long. Now she has created a great little challenge for the New Year to get you moving right in to that spring PR called the Winter Miles Challenge. She’s got prizes and some pretty sweet shirts! 
wintermiles10K CLUB
I couldn’t NOT share the 10K Club that I coach with Michelle of NYC Running Mama! The first group of participants finished their runs around Thanksgiving, so we are restarting the group on January 20th.  This means the group will have 8 weeks to tackle their first great Spring race.

“I LOVED this program, LOVED the support, LOVED having a plan. I would highly recommend it…Thank you for helping me gain confidence and pride in myself and my running.” – Jodi Tivey

Find out all the details about the Club and WHY we believe 10K is an awesome distance for new runners, PR seekers and those just looking to build their fitness. We are offering an early bird rate of $15 off until Jan 1.

If you’ve got big ambitions for yourself in the new year, The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2014 can help to turn those dreams into a reality. This 15-page guide was designed by Angela, the blogger behind Eat Spin Run Repeat. Angela is a health coach, foodie, runner, and goal setting junkie, and the Gorgeous Guide covers her system for goal setting from start to finish. Inside, she guides you through exercises that will help you to:

  • Get clear on what you want your life to look like from this moment on
  • Find your passions and live them daily
  • Determine what you’d like to accomplish over the next year
  • Get started on breaking those big goals into smaller, manageable targets.Banner 1 - 600x300Angela’s guide is only $4.99, full of seriously great tools and includes a private Facebook group starting January 1.

14 in 2014
Last year Jill started a great group called 13 races in 2013…well no surprise this year she is back and ready to help you hit some goals with 14 in 2014. Jill lined up a number of great prizes and for many I know races are a primary motivator to keep your training rolling!  So checkout it out…you know I’m not a frequent racer, but might jump on board this year as I need to work on taming my race day nerves.

This continues to be one of my favorite things that I have accomplished with RTTF, yes even over the Holiday Challenge which is awesome. I personally have resubscribed to the emails multiple times because even though I wrote them I get a quick reminder in my inbox each day about why my clean eating matters or a little tip that helps me change my mindset after a weekend of enjoying a few too many holiday treats. 

I LOVE this group as well because of how they share their journey:

I just set a new monthly distance record for swimming. I’ve logged 11,200 yards in June. I’ve lost four lbs (today is the last June weigh-in), and have been doing great at my clean eating. Last night, I served up my dinner, and although I cleaned up the lima beans, I only ate half of everything else.  – Amy CClean And Lean Project

Eliminate food guilt, stop dieting, start living and enjoying healthy foods! As a holiday bonus, 50% the base sign up until January 5 with code Holiday13. Details and registration information here.

2014 New Years Shred
Bobbi is an inspiration from the inside out. Not only is she one fit mama, but she truly exudes joy in everything that she does. I adore her and can guarantee she gets people results with her Shred workouts and clean eating plans. Her 2014 group is going to be NO JOKE with no cheat meals and focus on dropping any unwanted lbs. Get the full details here. 2014NYShred

Are you part of an online group? Do you like having that added support and accountability?
Gratitude Journal
Dec 20
I am grateful for kitties with furs soft as a teddy bear.

Feeling like the Grinch
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