Post Race Hug

While covering the Ironman World Championship race in Kona, I noted that one of my favorite moments was female champion Mirinda Carfrae leaping in to the tired arms of her fiancée {5th place male}. This moment was sweet on so many levels, but resonated with me because I know at the end of each race I want nothing more than to find David’s and be wrapped in his arms.
DSC01388In fact, many of you commented on Instagram after seeing the photo about your upcoming first races from marathons to Ironmans saying you too couldn’t wait for that moment!

On a bad day he’s there to remind me it’s just a race and agrees to lock me in a room without internet if I want to register for another marathon. But those words without a hug could seem harsh.

On great days he is there to tell me how proud he is of me and to still remind me that it’s just a race. But those words without a hug could feel less important.

NYC 2012
Last year as I circled Central Park on the day of the race that no longer was, with all the other runners who weren’t entirely sure how to feel, David was there with a hug to tell me it was ok to be disappointed. For him I didn’t have to put on a brave face, I could simply admit that I’d been looking forward to that day for months and put in a lot of effort, so even if I understood the reasons, I was sad.
LovemystatueWith the other members of Asics who came out to run Central Park on un-race day and the little statues they made for us in place of medals.

NYC 2013
At NYCM this year with all of the new finish line security I knew those arms wouldn’t be readily available…but they would be there waiting for me as soon as I could find him! It took me about 40 minutes from crossing the finish line to get to David, even via the early exit and I swear I didn’t care about food or water, I really just wanted that hug.

Cold and tired (both of us), a hug never felt so good. You’d think I’d been gone for days…uhh at points that race did feel overly long. But really it was just the strong desire for comfort and to know that no matter what the clock said I was still enough.

Do you look forward to a post-race hug?

Is there one that was particularly memorable for you?

Now I’ve shared with you why a hug meant so much and why I look forward to that embrace after race, next I’ll be sharing some of your stories about the most important hugs you have ever given/received.

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