Better Breakfast Ideas

Nuts. Sliced. Roasted. Toasted. Raw. Chopped. Blended…it really doesn’t matter how they come I love ‘em!

First up let’s talk about WHY I love almonds. Have you seen the research that shows that “we’re not absorbing all the fat or calories that’s in the nut.”  Hello!! That means you are getting a healthy fat, full of filling fiber and less calories, umm superfood?!

Now before I even knew that, I recognized that almonds fed my nut love in a whole new way. A little handful seemed to keep me from dipping back in to the bag, where a handful of peanuts usually leaves me wanting more, more, more. I think it’s gotta be the fiber!!

The almond board is focusing on breakfast because almost 50% of women are still skipping this super important meal!!! According to R.D. Bonnie Taub-Dix, “ditching breakfast can affect your mood, weight and well-being.”

Here are a few of the amazing ideas I have stumbled upon lately that take you beyond the almonds in your oatmeal or smoothie breakfast {though those are totally awesome}.

Quinoa-almond oatmeal breakfast bars
Almond Quinoa Bars
Almond Seed Cranberry Balls
Homemade Almond Milk
homemade almond milk
Healthy Orange Almond Muffin
almond muffins

Gratitude Journal
Sept 14
I am so grateful that I love a food that is so darn good for me!!

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