Fueling the Run Tips: Before, During and Post Run

Since posting about electrolytes I’ve gotten some more great questions about how I fuel for runs and then I started my Sugar Detox right as the new Vega Sugar Free Energizer arrived on my doorstep…definitely a sign it was time to share!

My current training plan will have me running over 8 miles for at least 3 if not 4 of my weekly runs. Thus it’s important that I consider all aspects of fueling to ensure my body is able to complete the mileage and recover. How to Fuel Your RunPre-Run: After reading a lot of studies, the proof is in the pudding {or lack there of} that we need to start our day with PROTEIN not carbohydrates to keep our blood sugar steady and aid in fat loss. Since my goal is a little fat loss and a lot performance, I have found the following balance to work for runs between 6-9 miles:
– 1/2 scoop brown rice protein powder, 1/2 serving Vega Sugar Free Energizer, 1 tsp greens powder, 1/2 tsp glutamine
– I do half on Vega because I want the energy, but don’t want to be TOO used to the contents. Thus getting a better boost on race day. Additionally I don’t use caffeine or other stimulants so it doesn’t take as much for me to feel it.
– As my long runs increase to 13+ miles I will also have a little nut butter and part of a banana pre-run.

During the Run: For my weekend long run I carry a hand held bottle with a mixture of 1 packet Vega electrolyte and the other 1/2 of the Vega Energizer.
– I sip on it at every mile.
– Prevents the sloshy tummy issue from chugging later in the run
– Keeps energy levels steady
– I am also practicing with gels, but still can only use 1/2 of a gel at any given time so a 15 miler will still only be 1 gel
– Question “Don’t you hate carrying your bottle?” Answer: No one said running for a couple hours was easy, but carrying water sure helps alleviate a lot of other issues so I’m ok with it.

Post Run: If have driven to a meeting spot which will take me over 30 minutes to get home, then I take with me 1/2 scoop Vegan Recovery Protein powder + 1/2 scoop Vega Recovery drink {tropical flavor!}.
If I am closer to home, then within 30 minutes of finishing it’s smoothie time!
– I place the same Vega mix in a blender with ice, spinach, broccoli, water and maybe 1/2 a banana.
– Gets anti-inflammatory ingredients to my muscles immediately by cutting out the digestion process
– Helps with hydration
– Good boost of energy from all the nutrition.

After drinking that, I shower, stretch and then I am ready for a little bit larger meal.
Interested in trying Vega? You can get it online here or find it at Whole Foods or GNC.Vega Sugar FreeVEGA SPORT
Clearly you can see I am taking advantage of the full line of Vega Sport products. In the past, I would use a little of this here and a little of that there, but the idea is these products are specifically formulated to work together to assist your body through hard efforts.

Without a doubt, I have seen a difference using all of the products together. One unexpected result is that by improving my nutrition immediately post run and with a boost pre-run I don’t have the all day hunger that used to plague me with long runs!

Calories: Many of you took up running to lose weight, just like I did. Hence you are probably looking at the above and thinking OMG that would add so much to my day.  Interestingly enough…you’d be totally wrong! The new Vega Sugar Free is only 5 calories, the Electrolyte is only 5 calories and a full scoop of protein powder is only 110 calories.

Sugar Free: I was using the regular version for quite sometime before the new sugar free edition. The ingredients are exactly the same except that Stevia is now used at the sweetener. Thus for me it works exactly the same and the taste is still good. {I’m totally partial to the Acai Berry though the lime is good}.

Let’s talk about what’s in the Energizer: Rhodioloa, Ginseng, Tumeric, Ginger, Green Tea, Yerba mate, coconut seed — In other words ingredients that naturally boost energy, fight inflammation and help to settle an upset stomach.

Again this is what I have found works for me by trying out different things over the last 10 years of training. I can say without a doubt that following this protocol in the Florida heat and humidity has made a complete difference from previous years. Do you follow a consistent plan to refuel your muscles and keep your electrolytes balanced?
Gratitude JournalRunning_motivation
July 10
I am grateful for a husband that doesn’t mind carting me to and from the airport at random times throughout the week! He’s done this for the last 4 years without complaining though we all know picking people up is really not that fun.

**Note: I am a Vega Blogger Ambassador because I love and truly use their products. I am not paid for an opinions, I truly believe in it. Amazon links are affiliate links and any purchases made help to support RTTF, so I am truly grateful if you choose to click through!

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