Sugar Detox Diary Days 5 and 6: Creating Change

Ok so I haven’t had sugar…but I did have some of David’s pizza Friday night which I know was entirely a processed food and umm obviously dairy. I don’t feel bad about a piece of pizza in the slightest as my diet is 80-90% clean otherwise, but I do know that processed = sugar…just not in the way I normally think of sugar {cookies, cake, candies}.

Interestingly I am 100% ok with having enjoyed that slice of pizza! Why? Because I’ve already established habits and patterns that allow me to normally bypass that food. I only enjoy it once a month now, while the cookies were becoming a consistent daily treat. As we try to make changes, our emotional side just gets TIRED. Thus I gave it a little break by making that choice, which seems to have helped with the sugar craving too as I didn’t even want it after my long run!
How to change habitsSHRINK THE CHANGE
What do I mean our emotions get tired? According to Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard we do all kinds of things throughout the day without thinking (drive the same path to work, eat the same breakfast), it’s when we start to make changes that we begin to analyze every option. If you’ve ever tried to plan a vacation or pick a restaurant when you’re starving then you know what I mean. You are exhausted by the possibilities.

Most people “want to get healthy”. But what does one do with that idea??

It’s a bit overwhelming and really the possibilities are endless. That’s why the 7 Day Detox appealed to me. It was a very clear cut “no processed sugar” plan for a manageable period of time, allowing for success. For others it has been joining the Clean and Lean Project to focus on making specific incremental changes.

The all or nothing approach is what turns me off of diets and dietary labels. I think it leaves too much room for feeling like a failure if you stray from the specific guidelines. However, having said that it is the act of having guidelines that allows us to stop over analyzing and simply follow the plan.

Thus while the science is very fuzzy {as in not there} for Bob Harper’s rule of never eating after 7PM, that guideline takes away all the questions about “what is a good late night snack?”Can I have carbs?” It eliminates the over analyzing which will help lead to success.

“People don’t like to act in one way and think in another. So once a small step has been taken, and people have begun to act in a new way, it will be increasingly difficult for them to dislike the way they’re acting. Similarly, as people begin to act differently, they’ll start to think of themselves differently, and as their identity evolves, it will reinforce the new way of doing things.”

This is partially why things like Meatless Monday work so well for creating new eating habits…it’s also why you might find it hard to break your Friday night pizza habit.

I love my husband and he is supportive of my hour long hunt for places to eat or my random meals. His support stops there; he is not giving up his stash of cookies, ice cream and other assorted processed foods. I could nag him endlessly, but that would only serve to hurt our relationship.

Instead, I’ve deployed the same tactics on him that worked for me!
1. Make it easy – keep cut up peppers or fruit in the house
2. Small and steady – every little change adds up. I didn’t eat like I do overnight, but gradually my palate changed and per the quote above the way I thought of myself changed so my habits had to keep up.

If support at home isn’t available, remember that is just one of many options:

  • Start a group at work that keeps each other accountable for lunch {pack it, instead of dining out}
  • Join something like the Clean and Lean Project for a consistent group support
  • Join a running club or yoga class or find a healthy cooking class
  • Remember to be your own champion too! Celebrate even small successes

Remember that no one wants to join your “I hate my body club”, but everyone wants a part of the beautiful salads you keep bringing to work and your endless energy. Just as we defined a specific and emotional WHY on day 1, you need to tap in to their emotions too!

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