FEED10 Online Bake Sale

What better way to help you get involved with feeing America’s youth than by feeding yourself with some amazing treats?!! A flat out donation is always appreciated, but hey a donation that makes you belly and your mouth smile is a double whammy. And YES there are options in the sale that will even meet my clean eating guidelines!!

Mark your calendar for August 6th!! Put it in your smart phone reminders and stop by to checkout this great sale.Feed10BakeSale1
Click here to tweet it out to your friends, the more we raise the more kids we feed!

What is an Online Bake Sale?

  • A whole slew of awesome baked goods will be posted on August 6th.
  • Think of it as a silent auction of sorts
  • 100% of donations go to FEED project to help feed children in the US

Salivate, bid, donate, eat.

  • Bids will be accepted from August 6th 9 AM EST to August 7th 9AM EST
  • Email bakesale@runtothefinish.com with the item name and your bid
  • Highest bid gets the delectable treat mailed to them courtesy of one of the amazing bloggers donating their time, love and ingredients
  • Minimum bid is $15 for each item {it’s for charity!!}
  • Bids must be in $5 increments
  • If you get outbid on one item, try again or try another item!

At the close of the sale, winners will be contacted and asked to donate the specific amount via CrowdRise then their goodies will be shipped. The winner has 24 hours to make the online donation. If in that time frame the donation is not made, the next highest bidder will be contacted or the item will go back up for bid.

DO NOT compare this to buying a box of chips ahoy at the store, this is about having FUN, DOING GOOD…and trying some new AWESOME creations!

What is up for grabs??? Thanks to some great sponsors and bloggers we have a number of tasty goodies coming! Homemade deliciousness from these lovely bloggers:

Healthy Bites by Cotter Crunch

healthybitesPaleo Chocolate Chip Cookies2molassescrispsChocolate Turtle Energy Bites


There will certainly be Vegan options, Paleo options, and more!

Not doing enough endurance work to feel like you need the sport line, but you know having a clean treat in your bag is important…tada VEGA ONE BARS and a cookbook to keep you on track.
You are going to get the full hook up for the Vega Sport line that I talk about non-stop, so you can see for yourself how it works! | Vegan | Gluten Free

Package of 7 with allll the different varieties. This is my go to sugar free eat clean treat right now because it seriously tastes like the most decadent treat ever. Ingredients: chicory root, almond, Swiss cacao, Guatemala 80% taza dark chocolate, chia seed, hemp seed, unsweetened coconut, cacao bean

Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen
A fresh roasted blend from Kenya, Nicaragua and 2 Pronto packs with 6 liquid sticks each. For you coffee drinkers this is some SERIOUSLY good stuff…I think it would go great with an afternoon cookie {bid twice! ha!}IMG_3407

Gratitude Journal
July 30
I am grateful in advance for all your bids so I don’t have to buy and eat all this amazing stuff on my own.

Aging Up Feels Great
Interested in or Committed to Clean Eating: Accountability Monday

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