Sugar Detox Jumpstart

As the Clean and Lean Project got rolling, I realized that there were two major areas where everyone could use some additional help: sugar and weekends!  Taking that in to account, I have partnered up with Holistic Health Coach Laura Peifer to offer a Sugar Detox Jumpstart workshop in conjunction with the next round of the Clean and Lean Project {registration now open}.

This is not a NO sugar ever plan, this is a 5 day detox plan to reset your taste buds so that you can more easily make the transition to a clean eating lifestyle.

If you are frustrated with being unable to give up your nightly treats or exhausted by the constantly changing diet information in the media the Clean and lean Project is for you. It’s a program designed to create a new LIFESTYLE and the Sugar Detox jumpstart will give you the confidence to get going.

The workshop will include:

  • Information on why you crave sugar
  • Foods to help you make the switch
  • Sugar substitutes – the good, the bad, the don’t you dare
  • How to be sugar free and still enjoy your social life
  • 1 hour of fear-busting, strategies and tools to help you make the shift
  • Feeling in control of your food choices

Sugar Detox Jumpstart

This is exactly the kind of thing that I needed when I undertook the Unprocessed October and Clean Eating challenges the first time around….and occasionally now after a weekend like ohhh July 4th. The workshop will be held prior to that infamous holiday weekend of hot dogs, drinks and sugary treats so you can put all of the new knowledge to use to clear out your system and get on track.

I get that you are always deciding where to spend your money, so here is a little feedback from folks just a few weeks in to the June start of the Clean and Lean Project. 
Clean and Lean Testimonials

Currently the Sugar Detox is only offered as part of the July Clean and Lean Project. <<Click for complete details and to register as spots are limited.

Achieving a weight that you can easily maintain is possible and ENJOYABLE if you are willing to take it step by step which is the goal of this great group.
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I am grateful for having the guts to talk to random runners at the track so I can find some new running partners in Orlando!

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