The Redesigned Life

This weekend reminded me once again that our paths are far less pre-determined than I once believed. Go to college, graduate, get a good job, work until 60, retire….then you enjoy life. Anyone else grow up assuming that was the only way to do things? I’m not saying it’s the right way or wrong way, just that now I realize it’s not the ONLY way.

In August, I flipped that model on it’s head when I took a sabbatical from my consulting job for what I would call a mini-retirement. This idea was initially planted in my subconscious from oddly enough an HGTV house hunters episode!! A young couple moved to Costa Rica for two years to surf, assuming that at the end of it they would head back and do something more “corporate”. Mini-retirements have been further popularized by Tim Ferris in The 4-Hour Workweek (an interesting read for anyone considering an entrepreneur life).

It takes the same amount of effort to design the life you want as it does to let life happen to you. And whether you actively choose to create the life you want, or sit back to see how life unfolds, you made the decision. – Deepa Maisuria

Blend Retreat was a great reminder that more and more people are choosing alternative paths to create the life they want. They are quitting jobs to move to the city of their dreams. They are earning money doing things they enjoy from taking pictures to eating to traveling to fitness to…well blogging!  The redesigned lifestyle isn’t just for the creative or “hippy dippy” folks, a lot of great business minds are putting it into practice so they can earn a living while still having a lot more time for family and fun.

The redesigned life isn’t about living each day in a bubble of happiness. It takes HARD work to pursue your dreams and MONEY. As wonderful as it may be for people to say “follow your passion” at the end of the day you have to pay the bills. It means evaluating your lifestyle to figure out if you need to cut back, what you really want to experience, what you excel at and what are your true priorities {Tips from Zen Habits and the Art of Non-Conformity}.

I imagine it’s a lot like jumping out of an airplane
– FREEING and TERRIFYING all in the same moment.

Here are a just a few of the women I met at Blend Retreat who are creating their own path. These examples are simply top of mind because I have been surrounded by them for a weekend. But there are MANY, MANY more examples….and yes I notice there are a lot of Laura’s and Lindsay’s let’s prove they aren’t the only women with the gumption to chase dreams!

Lindsay – Her priority in life is her children and she has designed a life with her husband that makes it possible. She spends 2 hours each day training clients and the remainder of her day homeschooling…and then yes blogging in the evening.

Lindsay C – Her husband is a pro-triathlete and they have created a lifestyle that allows him to pursue this goal while she supports him with HIGH quality nutrition and runs her own business called Healthy Bites.
Laura – She actually has a traditional 9 to 5 job as a consultant, but it allows her to travel to a marathon nearly every weekend of the year!

Lauren – Quit her job as a high school teacher and moved across the country because she just had an inner knowing for YEARS that Colorado would make them supremely happy. Now she’s choosing a new path.
It shouldn’t take winning the lottery for you to go after your goals and dreams- anything really is achievable in this short time that we have on earth.”
Laura (below) – After helping her own family through an illness, Laura realized she had a true passion for it and left social work to earn her degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is now a certified health coach, running coach and has created plenty of time for her family in the process.
Bobbi (above)- Both her and her husband currently work at Forrest Home a Christian camp that allows them to share their joy of life with others! Bobbi is also a personal trainer and working to build a full online training program (with me!) so she can soon be home with their adopted child more.

Michelle and Lori – They’ve grown their blog into a full business of cooking, cookbooks, personal training and so much more…but what’s really important about that is they LOVE it and while it’s hard work they are thriving because of it.PurelyTwins

It’s a new world and the possibilities are endless. Though as many of us talked the free feeling is sometimes mixed with the overwhelming desire to have someone tell you what to do so you don’t have to make any more decisions! I guess it’s just more proof to the saying that life is what you make it and nothing is perfect.

Do you feel like your life needs a redesign? Have you already started redesigning your life?  I can’t wait to hear from more you of on this idea because I feel like I hear so many saying they “wish” they could do this or that…what’s really holding you back? If you really want it, a life coach is an awesome way to help you start making the transition!
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May 23
I am grateful for finding some creative ways to book a flight home that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg…I get to see my parents wohoooo!!!

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