How long is a 60 minute massage?

Welcome to riddle me Friday…only it’s not a riddle it’s another episode of Opinions Wanted Friday!!timeIn KC, I had the worlds best masseuse. I loved her so much, I went monthly or more if I could because she took the time to get to know my body and I always left refreshed and energized.  Upon moving to Miami, I had sticker shock and didn’t see massage table for months.

Eventually I realized how therapeutic a massage was for my body and mind, so I got Groupontastic and enjoyed Miami Spa Week. This gave me the luxury of going to some of Miami’s top spas to experience not just a massage, but a whole afternoon of AHHHHHH.

Through all of this I avoided Massage Envy.  I had the impression that it was going to be subpar massages and very unspa like. Around December I found my shoulders attached to my ears once again from stress and needed a quick fix, so I walked the block to Massage Envy and even agreed to their 3 massage package because it was a better deal…I’m a sucker.

Here is where I’m ready for your OPINIONS <<I know you’ve got ‘em>>.

First I selected a 90 minute massage.
I was on the table for 75 minutes total.

Second, I selected a 90 minute massage again thinking it was a fluke.
I was on the table for 75 minutes total.

Finally, I went in for a 60 minute massage….at a different location.
I was on the table for 50 minutes.

If you pay for a 60 minute massage, how long would you expect it to be? Personally… at least 58 minutes.

3 of my 90 massages were 70-75 minutes
My one our massage this week was 50 minutes.

I guess I misunderstood 60 minute massage to mean 60 minutes OF massage, where it is actually 60 minutes in Massage Envy. WHATEVER at this point I have 40 minutes banked and should get a whole massage for free!timeismoneyThe masseuses were all very nice and did a pretty good job…because they were like robots. Each one did the exact same technique and moves and process. The atmosphere is clean and very much a place you can drop in without an appointment, but not really spa like and well it’s cheap because you don’t really get what you pay for…at least that’s my opinion!

All right weigh in? Does 60 minutes mean…60 minutes? It sure does when I look at a training run.
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April 11
I am grateful for a real estate agent who gave us the low down on the area from her entirely unbiased (ok clearly biased but interesting) point of view.

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