Opinions Wanted Friday: Carrying Water

I’ve tried numerous water belts and these hips don’t lie…they hate it.

Hence I had no choice but to use a handheld bottle. Interestingly in a recent form analysis I found that running with the bottle causes me to turn up my wrist, which sounds innocent enough. BUT that creates tension all the way up my arm to my shoulder, which eventually throws my form off just enough to cause issues. Crazy right? 

I’ve also heard a lot of you say you hate the belt and won’t carry water, so you just take nothing with you…(guilty myself) which we all know is a great way to bonk and slows down recovery post run.

Hence the reason I was genuinely excited when I saw Hydrosleeve. I have not yet tried it because they are like the Bia GPS that everyone was talking about last year…a great idea looking to get enough backing to become a consistently available product.
HydroSleeveHydrosleeve has a little bladder you take out and refill…simple enough…holds between 6-8oz water and is BPA free.Hydrosleeve3
Bladder is easy to clean and yes it’s ANTI-SLOSH so you won’t notice it while you are running. The armband itself also serves as a pocket for a key or I would probably hook my nano to it!
Then you are ready to run and have enough water for a short to mid-distance run or a GREAT tool for race day to ensure you aren’t worried about water stops or if it’s really hot and you might want more than just the water stops.Hydrosleeve1 
If you want more information checkout the site with info. They are also taking pre-orders on Indiegogo. I love the idea of supporting a fellow runner who has come up with a creative way to solve a problem that so many of us have encountered!  Designed by runners…for runners…so if you think it’s a great idea seriously go support them in getting in to serious manufacturing.

What do you think is the Hydrosleeve something you would use? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product as I haven’t seen anything like it.
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