Gourmet Chef…open, heat, eat.

David is known in our house as the gourmet chef. I might be the one who does 80% of the cooking, but he makes a mean frozen pizza. How do I know this pizza is so gourmet?

Because whether he has purchased an Aldi’s brand or a thick DiGiornio crust I find myself hovering around the kitchen as it cooks, then standing over the pan longingly as it cools and eventually saying something like“Oh surely one piece of cheese topped food won’t make me sick”.**

Then I carve off a little sliver and almost immediately sigh as I take a bite…it’s delicious. I contemplate my consistency at being dairy free and how I’m not tempted by cheese or ice cream any other time and once again find the only obvious explanation to be that he is a master frozen pizza chef.
PizzaToss2No pizza was harmed in the making of these images.

In fact I can walk past pizza places or even be out with David when he orders pizza and forgo a cheesy bite. Which brings me back to…he somehow has perfected the art of frozen pizza. Or maybe it’s just that on Friday nights I love this little ritual of settling down with him to relax and for some that might include a glass of wine, but since we don’t drink it seems to include…a slice of frozen pizza.

Last weekend the chef was able to put his magic to work on a new to us frozen pizza from Schwann’s (seen in above photo being tossed for perfection). Meanwhile I ripped open the 6lb bag of frozen vegetables also delivered from Schwan’s and cooked those along side the pizza to ensure we would have the most balanced Friday night meal possible.
IMAG0474 While 80% of my week consists of fresh fruits, veggies and such…it’s nice to have a meal ready to go in the freezer when we get back from a week of traveling! Just open my frozen veggies and maybe some pre-seasoned chicken and tada dinner cooks while we unpack.

Order. Heat. Eat….doesn’t really get any simpler than that!
Schwans.jpgDavid gave this pizza a top star rating, which I won’t lie not every pizza gets. He has a discerning palate when it comes to pizza due to his years of practice.  I was glad we opted for the pizzeria style as it had a thicker crust and was the perfect carbo load for the 7.5 mile interval run I did the following morning!IMAG0475Is there any one food that you find is nearly impossible for you to resist??

**Noting dairy allergy for those new to RTTF.
Gratitude JournalRunning_motivation
March 16
I am grateful for having developed a relationship with food that allows me to eat health and indulge while feeling good.

Disclaimer: Schwan’s provided us with the pizza and vegetables for review. All time in the kitchen, digestion and opinions are ours alone.

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