Fearless Running

Sunday I set out for a long run, but unlike my normal solo runs this time I had company…super speedster new distance runner David aka my husband. I know I just talked about wanting to pee in his shoes and get him to back off my turf, but the truth is I WANT us to run together. Short runs have always gone well (see my tips for running with a spouse) and if we can master the long run then we will both benefit…me from speed and him from pacing.

While David has a natural ability to run fast (he was a rock star short track athlete as a teenager) the biggest thing he has going in distance training is a complete lack of fear.

No worries about getting injured from running too fast or too far. He isn’t the type to worry about what hasn’t happened.
I am afraid of that aching pain in my ITB when I push the limits.

No concerns about bonking on a long run. He’s never experienced that in a 26.2 training to consider it a possibility.
I fear that moment where your body screams stop and you are 8 miles from home.

No backing down from the discomfort of pushing too hard because knows he is free to stop whenever he wants!
I worry that if I stop I’m proving all the naysayers in my past right.SuperHero RunnersI imagine this is a bit how our running relationship with speed is…I’m excited to give it a try and yet cautious.

David simply runs. He runs against the watch A LOT, but not because he must hit a workout. No, he wants to see if can actually get better every single time he puts on his running shoes. Dead serious…I have thought this too, but it was always about distance, never about speed. I often think I was less afraid of injury back when I wore a knee brace for running…I think this is part of why people are using tape now…that physical pressure feels like a safety blanket in some ways.

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” – Will Rogers

I’m not saying his way is right or that I’m now setting out to run with reckless abandon because I do have 10 years of learning what does and doesn’t work for me in training. Instead, I’m realizing that just as we have found ways to thrive together in the rest of our lives we can do so in running.

This is a chance for both of us to stop using our watches and start gauging our runs by effort. For me that actually means I tend to pick up the pace and for David it means he won’t be doing sprints each time he goes…maybe there is room for two people to be distance runners in this household after all.

Time once again to allow my joy for running to be stronger than my fear and lead me in to another exciting PR! Is there anything you need to let go of from your past running experiences to be a little more fearless now?
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