Exercise…for your face?

I still remember the Christmas in Iowa where all of David’s family got in on Guitar Hero using the guitars, drums and oh yes, some pretty awesome dance moves. It was truly an awesome evening because everyone was just letting loose having fun and showing off our bad dance moves (shopping cart, sprinkler anyone???) without a care.FacestrumentNext time we get together I’ll be getting them to try Facestrument, a new free game on Facebook. I know the kids will love it and all of the adults will participate because this is an awesome workout for all of our sagging facial muscles!Facestrument is a Facebook game that uses your computer’s built-in camera to turn your face into the instrument. So where Guitar Hero tells you to hit the green button, it tells you to wink or smile or puff out your cheeks…all of course to a great tune. There are different levels as well, so you can practice and keep challenging each other.  At the end of your turn you get a score and can share the video it created of you with friends if you’d like.
After some initial hiccups with the computer camera and finding good light for the program to recognize my moves… I may have played Facestrument multiple times. I tried watching Ellen for some dance moves, but
 the consensus of the cats was I should stick to my love of writing; I’m not a dancing phenom.

Do you play games as a family that allow you to break out of your normal routine? I have to say, as someone who can tend to lean a little to the serious side, this is totally the kind of thing I needed on a Friday to let my hair down (uh, minus the headband) and get ready for the weekend…now if I worked in an office this would have been even more fun. I know my DEG co-workers would have hopped on board in a flash, those competitive little buggers.
Gratitude Journal
Mar 11
I am grateful for someone taking the time to build crazy games and apps that allow us to just be silly and have fun.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Cigna GO YOU. Visit the Cigna GO YOU Facestrument Brand Page on BlogHer.com to find more bloggers playing Facestrument!

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