Celebratory Friday – Puerto Rico, ACE, Blend, Wohoo

As an only child somewhere along the way I received the message that talking about accomplishments was bragging, being self absorbed or simply too prideful.  This is not to say that I don’t talk about things I do or what I’m excited about, but I always feel strange sharing anything that I didn’t have to give blood, sweat and tears to earn.

I started looking around at great things like Meg’s High 5 Friday, Lindsay’s post about getting another certification and Kate’s accepting my runner self…and I thought you know it’s ok to say check it out I made a decision or followed through or whatever and I’m excited about it!

I am officially a certified personal trainer…a number of other follow up certifications are now in the works! I don’t plan to take on in person clients at the moment, but I did want the knowledge to ensure I can provide better support and encouragement to readers and friends who ask questions. Well unless you really want me to train you and then hey just hit me up Smile
ACE CertificationYeah I totally did this in the car after I passed. They say to study for 6 months, I crammed for less than 2, so I was excited.

I am going to Blend Retreat!! I’ve been saying I wanted a girls trip and it turns out I’ll be getting one with a bajillion great ladies, many of whom I have been lucky enough to meet before! Are you going??? Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Remember how I was looking for international race recommendations…well that didn’t quite happen yet, but we are getting to do something super fun … Puerto Rico in May unless something crazy happens. AND DAVID IS RUNNING THE HALF WITH ME!!! Yes this is major breaking news my friends and will probably get it’s own post very soon.

Not only that, but I’ll be speaking at the Expo! PuertoRicoMarathonThis is a SURPRISINGLY cheap international race for those of you who are also looking for something fun this spring. The hotel is under $150 nightly and I know you can find flights from Miami around $180…what?! Cheaper to fly here than back to KC, how crazy.

I posted an image on Facebook awhile back of some potential shirts for RunToTheFinish and that is all coming together very soon!! The proceeds will got to charity and man I’m excited about it!!
All right so that was a random completely unplanned post for this Friday because sometimes you just gotta give yourself a pat on the back celebrate the big, the small and everything in between.
What great news do you have to share?? ——————————————–Running_motivation
Gratitude Journal
Mar 1
I am grateful for following through on some decisions I’ve made about focusing on what matters.

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