Territorial – A cat and a runner’s ego

They say that pet’s take after their owners, which I would like to take offense to after Kingston spent the last five days alternately loving on and hissing at our house guest…but I’m thinking there may be a grain of truth to that saying. Not that I hissed at my guest mind you.
DSCN0443How does one that starts so cute an innocent develop a need to establish territory?

As he has grown, so has his attitude and desire to be heard. Currently he is working to ensure we understand that our having guests over does NOT please him. They are clearly invading his TERRITORY…and yet he is also happy to have them here because it means a new set of hands to provide constant petting and loving attention.

He is clearly torn between wanting them to leave and desperately needing them to scratch his chin.

I realized he may be getting this territorial stance from me after all…

David has always been a little faster than me, but he stuck to shorter distances, so I could always tame my ego with the reminder that “oh well I run farther”. For the first time ever, he’s ramping up mileage so he can run the Puerto Rico Half Marathon with me in May and I find myself simultaneously exuberant and frustrated that he is hitting longer distances at speeds that took me years to achieve…which means he’s probably going to surpass me pretty quickly.
Before and after sweat fest…I love that silly I’m exhausted smile we get.

I am definitely excited for him each time he hits a new milestone and love that we can do this together. Another less generous part of me feels like hey this is my turf…you can be good at anything else, but this is mine.

For example in the photos below…he clearly starts off ready to sprint by me, but I pull ahead and can’t help but smirk on the inside even though I know he wasn’t going all out.
If I were a dog, I’d pee on his running shoes to show that this is my turf and probably keep him from using them.

A runner’s ego is what often gets us in trouble. We spend months cultivating a plan, working on speed or distance or both, we ignore aches and pains until they have us sidelined because our ego believes we can keep going. 

Right now my ego is feeling a little deflated because I have had to work hard to go the distance or gain speed. That’s right my brain is saying HEY I WORKED HARDER THAN YOU, so I should be better.

The truth is that isn’t how life works. We all have natural strengths and cultivated strengths and periods where we are on fire and periods where we have to nurture our flame a little more.

So my challenge now is to let my ego go allowing me to truly enjoy sharing this journey together.

Have you ever had a running ego? Had someone show up after years of your work to simply do it better?
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