5 Reasons to get a Life Coach, plus 1 not to

In the last few years, I have been exposed to a variety of people with jobs that are focused solely on helping others to live their best lives: personal trainers, running coaches, health coaches, athletes, yoga instructors, registered dietitians and the list goes on!

I met Vanessa Scotto during a vision boarding class and am excited to have her as another Spring Challenge expert! Today she is here to share some thoughts on what a life coach does and why you may or may not benefit from finding one! To get you in the right frame of mind here is one of her favorite quotes.
LoveQuoteCan you help everyone better understand what a Life Coach does?
Generally speaking a Life Coach is someone who can help you gain a greater understanding of how to create more fulfillment in your life. 

By and large most of us recognize when we’re stuck or standing in our own way. The trouble is that we’re not always clear on how to liberate ourselves and go for what we want. As a Life Coach I help clients understand the unconscious mechanisms that are holding them back. Then we identify the strategies and mindsets that will propel them towards more passion and purpose. 

For example, you may get that your fear of failure is keeping your from taking certain steps. But just “knowing” isn’t enough to change it. Over time you may even begin to get self-critical because you spot what you’re doing but still remain unable to shift. Good Life Coaching is like writing the “owner’s manual” on yourself. You’ll get really hip on what you want, what keeps you stuck, and how to motivate and support yourself in busting through barriers that don’t serve you. 

How does someone become a Life Coach?
As of now Life Coaching is not a licensed profession- which means that there are many paths people can take to become a Life Coach. Unfortunately it also means that just about anyone can call themselves a Life Coach. I personally apprenticed with another Life Coach and then went on to get my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. Other people will come to Life Coaching after excelling in the corporate world. Or some enter Life Coaching through a spiritual path. There is a certification process which you can look for but you can also set up a free consult with most Life Coaches so that you can get a feel for their specialty, credentials and unique style.  Laura_Coppelman_1211152030Top 5 reasons someone might work with a Life Coach?

  1. You want to make a career shift, or start your first career, but you’re not completely sure which way to go. 
  2. You recognize you’re the one standing in your own way- or that you’re playing small in your life- and you’re ready for more. 
  3. You want to ditch unhealthy relationship patterns so that you can get the love that you really want. 
  4. You have a specific business goal or a dream and you need help with accountability, strategy and launching. 
  5. You’re looking to re-invent your life post break-up or career change.

Worst reason to work with a Life Coach?
Because you want someone to rescue you, fix you, or give you the magical motivation bullet that makes everything all better. Never works. Save your money. 


Bio: Vanessa Scotto, MTOM, MCP is a Life Coach, Writer, and Speaker focused on helping people live unapologetic, regret-free lives. She has successfully supported hundreds of clients over 15 years in living their best lives. Her work blends Neuroscience, Psychology, Eastern Wisdom and humor.

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Have you ever worked with a Life Coach or wanted to?
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March 26
I am grateful for the opportunity to talk with people who have a variety of perspectives and experiences to share. It allows me to keep an  open mind for whatever the future may hold!

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