Used by 1 in 10 Ironman Finishers

Do you remember the first time someone introduced you to Body Glide and you wondered how you’d managed to run so long without this magnificent thing? One little tool that seems so simple and yet changed so much!  I’m starting to think that must be the case with Lock Laces as well. I mean  1 in 10 Ironman finishers are already using them! Sure they need something that slips on quickly after finishing the bike, but that is just one of the benefits to having a laces that are flexible rather than fixed and to being able to adjust them on the go.

Ever notice how your feet swell during a marathon and your shoes start to feel tight?? That’s because your foot is swelling and the fixed laces won’t allow your shoe to move with your foot. Lock Laces are elastic which allows them to move while maintaining compression around your foot.

  • Eliminate tight spots
  • Reduce frustration of untied laces
  • Too cool for groups like Team in Training or Team Challenge which have specific colors.
  • Easy to loosen or tighten as you change sock thickness during winter running

Be on the look out for some exciting news about how you can get a free pair of Lock Laces and win either new pair of running shoes to put them in or a free race entry!

Here is a quick video with more details on why you’d use them and how to’s as easy as you think…but more fun with cats that help.

I wore these for the first time at the ING Miami Half Marathon as noted in the video. I truly loved them. Not once did I have that sensation where my shoe felt too tight or a lace suddenly coming undone or retying it 10 times before the race started because something just didn’t feel right. Yes, there are all things I have done at past races!
Gratitude Journal
Feb 3
I am grateful for a morning at the beach to enjoy the outdoors and take my first easy post race run.

Disclaimer: This was a compensated post by Lock Laces as they are a sponsor of the Spring Challenge. However all opinions and feet shown in the video are my own (so are the helpful cats).

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