IT Band School – Lunge Matrix for Recovery

Pardon the interruption in the IT Band School series. I know that injury prevention and recovery is at the forefront of most long term runners minds…because we’ve all made enough mistakes to find ourselves on the sidelines at some point and would rather not repeat that experience.

Following is the IT Band Lung Matrix that I have been practicing since going to physical therapy 7 years ago for my own major IT Band issue. When starting out perform just a single round of 10 reps of each lunge, 3 times per week.  As you get stronger and your IT Band pain diminishes this is something you can actually build in to other workouts. I opt to do these exercises in between upper body strength training.

Lunge Matrix to help prevent IT Band pain in runners

There are 5 exercises in total which will work your hip from a variety of angles. If you are currently experiencing IT Band pain then you may not yet be ready to perform these movements. While it is good to continue movement to recover, it is not helpful to continue aggravating the muscle.

The following video provides a demonstration of each exercise.

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