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For most of the Fall and Winter, my nose has been buried in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual and reading or re-reading training books like Brain Training For Runners or Do the Work. I love learning new things and being inspired, but sometimes you need a book to take to the beach and let the world disappear.

Runners BooksTouch & Go by Lisa Gardner fit the bill for me as I managed to read all 400 pages in one weekend!! I am so grateful that my mom helped me develop a love for reading as a child…you might call it bribery with the “you can only stay awake if you are reading”, but it worked! Touchandgo

There is something about a fictional story that  allows you to be drawn in to a different world. For a moment you can forget about the laundry, work, the cat that just puked and simply be alone with the images you’ve created in your mind. Ok…maybe I have an overactive imagination?!

Touch & Go is a novel that follows the life of a seemingly perfect family after they are abducted. As with any story you keep waiting for the redemptive moment…will the detective find love? Will the family come together? Will the perpetrators get caught? Add to that the deepening plot and you begin to wonder who is the bad guy? Who survived? Where did the money go?!

Clearly I am not going to give you the answers because it’s a book worth reading. I will say that this book took a lot of different twists and turns with fantastic descriptive imagery compared to many that I have read in a long time. Now that I know about author Lisa Gardner, I’m excited to read a few of her other detective novels like Catch Me and The Killing Hour.

Did you know PBFingers and From Couch to Ironwoman both host a monthly book club? I found them while doing a little catching up on blog reading. So if you are a reading fiend too, check it out. Are you part of a book club?? I thought about starting one, but I think I have enough challenges going on right?!

Interested I talking more about Touch & Go, you can checkout the BlogHer discussion.
Feb 7
I am grateful for time to read.

Disclaimer: Touch and Go was provided to me by BlogHer book club. All time spent reading, enjoying and opinions are my own.

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