Two Hours of Time to Save a Life

One of the stories that most touched me in 2012 was about a runner stopping during a race to give CPR to another runner. I’m sure it was a life changing moment for them, but it also reminded me that this is one skill I have never taken the time to learn.

Since cardiac death is the number one killer of women and more women run races than men now, it only makes sense for all of us lacing up to run together to have a basic level of life saving knowledge. I know many of you are already certified and I’m sorry I was so late to the game.  This weekend I officially got certified…and this time not by a mental health professional.
How to do CPRPerform CPR
Check it out I can compress like nobodies business! Thanks to for the action shots and great course.CPR StepsIMG_2240

The biggest benefit to taking a class as a parent, athlete, trainer or in general is practice. You want instinct to kick in when an emergency happens and this provides you with hands on experience to help make it more than just something you’ve read.  Just thinking about needing to do this made my heart race,so it was great to practice it repeatedly. One thing that Shawn pointed out which I didn’t know is that that you will likely crack their ribs (WHAT?!). But if you are performing CPR the person is dead and thus you are not hurting them you are saving them.

Honestly without this class I would have heard a rib crack and stopped from fear. Now I realize that’s ok and I should keep going. Thanks to the Good Samaritan law you are also protected from any potential lawsuit if you are trying to save someone.

Since most people now carry a phone with them I thought I’d share a few of the tools I have on my DROID DNA now:LifeSavingApps

  • Have a contact listed as ICE – emergency responders will use your In Case of Emergency number to call someone and get more information about you or to let them know your whereabouts. Alternatively install a free app like ICE: Emergency Contact which will allow you to enter information about allergies, blood type and any known medical conditions.
  • Family Medical Info App – While my mom has a little battered notebook with information from my childhood about shots, I can’t say I have a single place that reminds me of everyone’s information. This tool allows you to create a profile for each member of your family and then record insurance, doctors, allergies, medications, vaccinations, etc. It can be tied in to an emergency app for use by EMT’s when needed.
  • Pocket First Aid and CPR – If you have not taken a course, this cheap app provides videos and guidelines from the American Heart Association that may help you save your life or someone else’s in an emergency situation.
  • Wear a RoadID – If you don’t always carry your phone, it just makes sense to have contact and important health information readily available.

If you need to call 9-1-1 for an emergency it’s best to use a land line so they can more easily find your location. Unfortunately their systems are not as up-to-date with technology as many of us! However, if you like me don’t even have a land line just make sure you have a an emergency unlock feature on your phone.

If you use Verizon, I also found a cool thing on my last phone the Droid Incredible. “Verizon emergencyalertsWireless has chosen to offer wireless emergency alerts within portions of its service area…no additional charge for these wireless emergency alerts”. This means you can get a note on your phone about:

  • Presidential Alerts: about news of national authority concern
  • Imminent Danger Alerts: Severe and Extreme alerts about weather events and threat levels
  • Amber Alerts: about the disappearance of persons (minor or otherwise)

Gratitude Journal
Feb 09
I am grateful for being open to new information….and that my brain will store it away to retrieve if ever needed.

***I am a Verizon Wireless Ambassador which means I received the Droid DNA for free in exchange for posts about the phone. I choose all content, all opinions and all information that is shared. I hope it’s helpful.

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