Runner Spotlight: 5 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

When I share my story of maintaining a 35lb weight loss for 8 years, one of the comments I receive is that maintenance is just so much harder. My personal thought is that’s just a story we tell ourselves to feel better about making choices that we no aren’t healthy. If you followed a diet plan or strict regimen to lose the weight then it might very well be harder to maintain, which is why I’ll be sharing with you some folks who didn’t just lose weight they changed their lives. DaniProgressI love that her progress pic is with a Halloween costume -Legends of the Hidden Temple from Nickelodeon. It truly shows her light hearted spirit!DaniPostMarathon

I know that I am one of many who believes maintaining doesn’t have to mean a torturous life, but instead a life filled with more. For today’s Runner Spotlight I wanted to share with you Dani. She is such a truly KIND, compassionate and motivated person that I want to make sure you’ve met her!  Daily she posts pictures with a mega watt smile after a workout and she has motivated her entire family to get more active with 5K’s she’s organized. I think she’s got some great tips!

Name: Dani Holmes-Kirk
Blog: Weight Off My Shoulders
Total weight loss: 63 lbs
Months/Years maintained: 13 months
Read more about Dani’s third marathon and running for Teddy’s Team. Weight maintenance tips

1. Find challenges that motivate you
I participate in Twitter challenges all the time. :) I find now that I don’t have the goal of “losing weight” to look forward to I needed to find something else to motivate me and keep me in check. I participate in #Plankaday, which I LOVE. I also find running challenges to keep me accountable.

2.Keep a healthy-balanced diet in mind
I continue to work on getting the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines in on a daily basis, which helps keep my days balanced. Even if I indulge, I always feel better as long as I meet those Good Health Guidelines. The Good Health Guidelines work on getting in enough liquids, fruits/veggies, dairy, healthy oils and exercise/activity.

3. Drink plenty of water
I began a challenge on Twitter called the #100ozchallenge, where the main goal is to drink at least 100oz of water a day. I started it for me, but got such a great response that others joined in! :) I find that when I get my water in my snacking is cut way down. I assume this is because the body doesn’t know the difference between thirst and hunger signals – and before I would just eat when I thought I was hungry. Now I have some water and wait to see how my body reacts.

4. Use a race or another fitness goal to keep you active
I always have something to train for or a fitness goal in mind. I find if I don’t have a training schedule to adhere to, I am more apt to let the fitness fall or I can find excuses to not bother going for a run/to the gym.

5. Find a support system that will be there through the ups and downs of maintenance
I am thankful to have wonderful support systems both through social media and in real life. Through my blog, Twitter and Facebook, I have found an endless pool of positivity. People that have my back no matter what. If I have a rough week food or activity-wise, they are there to tell me it’s okay – you can get back on track. I also love sharing my story on there because it can show someone else that you can enjoy beer 😉 and still lose weight/maintain weight loss. In terms of real life friends and family they are my rock. So many of my friends love to hit the gym or run as well so it is great to find activities to do with them that do not have to revolve around food. Additionally, my family is at most of my races, which pushes me to do my best and persevere to my goals.DaniMudRun

Connect with Dani for some extra encouragement on your running or weight loss journey…I guarantee she’ll make you want to move it!
Twitter: @IrishEyes1982
Facebook: WeightOffMyShouldersBlog
Instagram: IrishEyes1982

Dani initially told me that she was nervous to provide 5 tips as she is still navigating this journey …and yet she came up with all of the reasons that I created the Holiday and Spring Challenges. I think she has already learned what it takes to maintain! If you haven’t checked out SBBC yet, it’s not too late! The Spring Challenge starts March 4th and there are now over $2500 in prizes once again!
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