Resolution Run Results

Confession time… It had been explained to us that we would be GONE from Miami by October, so I really had no intention of hosting another Miami Resolution Fun Run in 2013.  But as the months started to pass and I was promoting the Virtual Run, I figured why not.

I ADORE doing this run and everything that it stands for, but the reason I as ho hum about it is because nearly every event I have planned in Miami has gone something like this…A LOT of people RSVP, can’t wait, so excited…the event shows up and maybe a quarter of the people appear.
Resolution RunThis year I went in with a different attitude…I would send it out and whoever showed up would get the benefit, end of story! I didn’t take it personally that many friends didn’t show and I was pleasantly surprised to make new friends again this year. Just as last year it was a great time to talk with so many people and hear their stories from those training for a first half marathon to those who just knocked out a 5th full Ironman!

Jan 1

AM: 4.25 miles easy, then headed off to Miami Resolution Run. Since I was trying to take pictures etc, only 2 miles easy, WOW 7 plyo, 30 min walk

Jan 2
AM: Legs were just really heavy and tired. Hoped once I started it would shake and I could do the planned speed work, but the paces I was hitting just weren’t enough to call it speed. So I slowed down and finished 6 miles (56 min), 15 min walk

Jan 3
AM: 6 miles – 6 x 800 repeats at 7:53, 25 min walk, 20 min stretch
PM: 30 min walk

Jan 4
AM: Fly to Snowbird, UT for Oakley weekend! — officially broke the #RWRunStreak!
PM: 30 min bike with 2 x 4min tabatas, 25 min walk, 20 min stretch

Jan 5
AM: 3.25 mile run on treadmill – Could definitely tell there is some altitude adjusting going on.. hmm sea level to 7300 ft, I wonder why! Followed by two hours of snowshoeing! Much more on this coming soon!
GB (Gretchen Bleilier) Insulated Jacket — yes they totally gave me a heavy duty jacket. Recco avalanche safety reflector.

Jan 6
AM: 4 mile run on treadmill, 20 min walk, 1 hour yoga lead by Oakley Woman and friend Lacey Calvert

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Gratitude Journal
Jan 7
I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience new places with positive, active, encouraging women.

DeliverLean to the rescue
My Mission is Greater than My Fear

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