International Race Recommendations Wanted

One thing I really want to do in 2013 is my first international race…and yes I kind of want it to be a go big or go home scenario.  Then again I could be living in a whole new city in 60 days so my planning is semi-impaired. Dream big, move forward, life works out…and sure it gives me something to focus on while recovering from ING for the next few weeks! (Side note I was way optimistic with my recovery plan considering how sorry I’ve been!)

Which brings me to…I need your ideas!! Many of you my fantastic readers aren’t in the US and thus may know of some awesome half marathons and others are uber adventurous and have done it already! Until I start training for NYC 2013, I am focused solely on half marathons and hitting some goal times there this year.

So fire away…ideas…anyone else want to go?! What great races have you done or heard about?flagglobeI met the owners of Marathon Tours this weekend at the ING Miami expo and if I wasn’t already convinced that an African Safari is on my must do list…well it’s on my must do even sooner list now.
Gratitude Journal
Jan 31
I am grateful for a brain that is good at memorization…I need it to finish up this ACE!

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