Vision Boarding and Purpose

When I set about selecting my word for the year (PURPOSE), I knew that it would require me to be thoughtful about my decisions each and every day. Heading in to the end of January for the most part I love how this is shaping my days. A few food choices that left me with an unhappy stomach aside, my daily actions are more focused and while everything seems to take longer than I’d like, I can see the path forming.
IMAG0275Kiley from DailyVitaminF makes these great One Word Wood signs and I LOVE MINE. It sits next to my computer all day as a reminder not to become distracted.

Wednesday night I stepped things up a notch and went to a Vision Boarding class lead by life coach Vanessa Scotto (she’s one of our Spring challenge Experts!). A Vision Board allows you to document exactly what you want to achieve with visuals. Part of the reason this works is it gets you out of your overly logical left brain!

Doing a new board made me really consider what I want (get specific!) and why do I want it? Here is a short video of Vanessa talking about the science and emotion behind vision boards…great talk if you have just a couple minutes.

What about images of six pack abs are so compelling to me and am I truly going to commit to doing what it takes to achieve that look? The first part is easy, I’ve always thought abs are a sign of someone who has worked her ass off and is a symbol of fitness. I want to prove to myself that I can achieve that and hopefully motivate others who’ve now seen my weight loss journey.

All right so what about all the writing? What’s my real goal? Magazines, a book, the blog? It’s awfully hard to know what to focus on when you are trying to achieve everything at the same time.

1. Get out of your left brain by doing a short meditation or simply relaxing.
2. Put down whatever comes to mind- Words, images, phrases, quotes, numbers – This is where the hard part is for many. If you want to put something on there, but are stopping yourself you have to figure out “is this because I think others will judge me for wanting it or because I am judging myself??” In my case it’s very clearly a matter of me thinking that it’s too proud or ostentatious to put down that I’m going to achieve XYZ. I mean who do I think I am?! But as Vanessa put it, I would NEVER say to a friend “you can’t achieve that” or “how can you think so highly of yourself?!” so I need to get out of my way..
3. Grab a bunch of magazines, some scissors, paper, crayons and get to work.
4. Go for positives — If want to stop biting your nails use a picture of someone with gorgeous hands, if you want to eat less sweets put down images of fruits and veggies.
4. After you finish your board

  • Consider snapping a picture so you always have it on your phone
  • Post it somewhere you can see it daily
  • Keep it safe – This means don’t share it with those who are going to poo poo your ideas until you are so confident their opinions won’t matter

In the future I’d like to do this again with friends…funny finding close friends is one thing on my board this time around! Have you ever made a vision board?
Do you believe in these kinds of tools for making your goals and dreams happen?
Gratitude Journal
Jan 25
I am grateful for an amazing sports medicine doctor who is going above and beyond to help me feel my best for ING this weekend.

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