How to use affirmations and 67 free examples!

Whether you believe in some greater being or the Universe that grants wishes a la The Secret there is tremendous power in affirmations. Repeating positive affirmations or mantras daily helps to reprogram your subconscious mind, by replacing negative thought patterns over time.  What many of don’t realize is that our negative thoughts are also considered affirmations, as the repetition of those thoughts generally ensures they come true!

Beliefs are learned thought patterns that we have developed and repeat daily. Many of these beliefs work well for us, but others may be preventing us from achieving what we believe we want. Every thought we think or say is a reflection of our inner truth or beliefs.

The goal of selecting positive affirmations is help retrain your thinking and focus on what you DO want rather than what you do not want from life. An example would be to change “I hate being fat” into “I am making progress everyday towards my ideal weight”. One definitely feels better than the other and has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself through the day.  As noted in the original Golden Mornings post, the volume of highly successful people who use meditation and affirmations is nearly 100%. They know the value of guiding thoughts. Using AffirmationsThis isn’t about just thinking happy thoughts and life will suddenly be perfect, but it is about reframing how you see yourself and the world to ensure your experience is better.  A rock rolling down hill gains momentum; your thoughts act in the same way.

Just saying “I am loved” won’t do much unless you put a little bit of umph behind it. An affirmation doesn’t have to be true at the time you say it, but you have to believe it’s possible. Using the affirmation daily helps your brain begin to believe that it is possible and will then make it easier to create habits and make choices that support achieving the goal.

1. Choose an affirmation: What is one area you truly want to improve? Health? Relationships? Finance?

2. Put some emotion behind it: Smile, get pumped up and really feel as though it has already happened.

3. Get in Gratitude: Now that you feel like it has already happened, celebrate by saying thank you to God, the Universe or whatever you may believe in. Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to improve your mood according to numerous studies.

Affirmations can be said out loud, written or simply repeated in your mind. One very effective way to use this is called “mirror work” and involves looking at yourself in the mirror as you make these positive statements. Awkward yes and that’s kind of the point! Personally I like to say my affirmations each morning during my run followed by all the things for which I am grateful.

Not sure what an affirmation should even look like or sound like? I’ve compiled a free download of 67 affirmations include affirmations from Tony Robbins and affirmations from Louise Hay the master of changing your thoughts. These examples will help to get you started, but the most powerful affirmation is one that works specifically for you. Click the image below for a free PDF of example affirmations.67 Affirmations Free Download

After looking through some of the examples, you might find that you are ready to create your own affirmation specific to your goals and desires. Here are a few key tips:

  • Speak as though what you ask for already is; (I have, I am)
  • Use only positive words; (eliminate not, don’t, won’t)
  • Include feeling words; (joyfully, happily, generously)
  • Say it with feeling;
  • Visualize what you are saying. (This one takes practice, but is the most powerful way to enhance the effect of affirmations)

If you are looking for more affirmation resources, I highly recommend You Can Heal Your Lifeand Making Your Thoughts Work for You by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; Byron Katie

Do you use daily affirmations?
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