HBBC Concludes; Prize time!

Wow what year! As always the Holiday Challenge ends too quickly, but this year more than ever the request was made for a Spring Challenge…and I agree!! A Spring Bootie Buster Challenge will start right after Valentine’s Day.

Details on the experts and schedule coming soon, but for now let’s celebrate the awesome participants and experts in HBBC 2012-2013. Here are a few of the great responses from participants:

This experience proved to me that you can see a real measure-able difference in your health and wellness by working with Amanda and this program. The group literally follows the leaders advice and counsel. I lost several inches, and am on a much more well rounded exercise routine than ever. I am going to work hard to keep up the good work.

I can’t believe how much energy I have since I started doing this. I think that it’s because I’m eating so much better. This is the first time I tried to improve my diet by adding fruits and veggies instead of restricting foods.  I worked out before I started this, but the HBBC gave me incentive to work out on days I might have skipped otherwise. I added some yoga and stretching to my routine to get my points, which I will probably continue. I liked posting what I did every day on Facebook. I haven’t weighed myself (bad mojo with the scale), but I’ve definitely slimmed down. My kids played along too (informally). They wanted to know, “How many points do I get if I eat this salad?” or “How many points if we run the whole trail?”  Angela Pak a.k.a. Miss Prickly | http://goalittlefastermama.blogspot.com

There were certainly a few folks who found the challenge just didn’t work for them and while that bums me out because I want it to be a good experience very few things are a perfect fit for everyone. I learned more again this year and have some new ideas in mind for the Spring challenge as well.

You can see all the participants here>>
Checkout all of our experts here >>

Let’s get to what everyone really wants to know about now…the prizes!!  First a big thanks to some of our amazing sponsors:Prizes ING Miami | Oakley | Vega Sport | Blue Diamond Almonds | Amy’s Organic Kitchen | Annie’s Homegrown |
ProCompression | Aspaeris Pivot Shorts | ViEndurance |

Winners were based on points and randomly selected after that. I created over 45 packages and then much like a white elephant gift swap they were randomly assigned to the winners! In other words the size of the prize was not based upon points, but having high points meant you were automatically entered for a prize. I’m not going to show what was in them so that it’s a surprise because they are all different and range in size/variety…can’t wait to see the instagrams and tweets when they show up for all these lucky ducks!

Beth Curtis – Receiving hers when she travels to Miami for the ING Marathon!
Shelly – A multi-year rock star
Jeni – Killing it with her training
Lara – package coming from Annie’s
Tiffanie P
Bev Y – prize is coming from Vega
AKloser – Prize coming from Vega
Samara – check her out for tips on staying fit during pregnancy!  

Random Winners!
Amy F
Jenny V
Stephanie Diamond
Erica G  
Teresa L
Jen P.
Holly B – go bug her to get after it again, she’s been relaxing since MCM
Linda P – your package coming from Annie’s Homegrown Organics
Alex – package coming from Annie’s
Amy  – prize coming from Vega
Samantha – prize coming from Vega
Amanda C 
Allie C
Cortney H  
MommaExpat  – package coming from Annie’s
Deidra – package coming from Annie’s
Stacey – package coming from YakTrax/SofSole  
Sara W – package coming from Annie’s
Hilary W
Katie H.

Don’t forget all the other great folks who won ProCompression Socks, Vega, Amy’s, Oakley’s, Aspaeris and Blue Diamond Almonds already in this challenge!  

It was a crazy day packaging 45 things and now today I’ll be making multiple trips to the post office, since I have to walk it….they are going to think I’m totally crazy!! Congrats again to everyone, now I need a nap.
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Jan 10
I am grateful for such an inspiring group of women to motivate me to push harder to create something I am truly proud of and than can help others achieve their goals.

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