Half marathon recovery plan

Next week is all about post race recovery. While that should simply mean relaxing and enjoying the great Florida Active and Well With GaiamTVweather, what I know it means for me is a lot of excess energy and sore legs. In preparation, I started looking through Gaiam TV once again to see what videos I could do…yes that’s right I need a plan to recover! Otherwise I will be out there running and injured in no time..don’t act like many of you haven’t done the very same thing!

Why do we need time off after a race? Some people feel like that time off is a reward for all of their hard work leading up to the race, but for me I enjoy that process so the recovery is all about allowing my body to heal.
– Rest days allow your body to refuel
– Rest days allow your muscles to repair
– Rest days help prevent overtraining
– Rest days help prevent injuries from poor form due to fatigue

Immediately post race: Hydrate and hit the epsom salt or ice water bath
One day after: Get in some movement to loosen up the muscles, consider a massage (I am!)
Two-Three days: Keep the movement easy with some walks or restorative yoga. This time is all about recovery.
Four-Five days: Add in some light cross training if desired, but this isn’t the time to try CrossFit for the first time.
Six-Thirteen days: Let your body be your guide to exercise, but keep the intensity low and try not to run if you can. Give some other muscles a workout!

This site is like Netflix for health, wellness, yoga and fitness! I can scroll through hours of online yoga, Pilates and cardio workouts with some of my favorite folks like Jillian Michaels and Mari Winsor.  Knowing myself, I’ll load up Jillian Michaels and realize within a few minutes that I’m too dang tired to bust a move…so instead here is my current plan:

Monday: Restorative yoga and a little walk
Tuesday: Walk and more restorative yoga
Wednesday: Walk and upper body weights/core work
Thursday: Walk and Vinyasa yoga
Friday: Walk or bike and Pilates
Saturday: Walk and yoga
Sunday: Pray that I can stop myself from running and now bust out Jillian because I know I’ll be dying to move it.

I am also going to use the meditation videos. I’ve talked numerous times about meditation, but I know right now that no matter how the race goes the post race week can leave you feeling a little blue.  So slowing down and keeping my mind right is top priority.

If you want to check out what they have to offer, you can sign up for a free 10 day trial at any time, after that it is $9.95/month.
Get Active and Well in 2013 with GaiamTV
What does your week look like after a race? Do you do any pre-planning to keep yourself from overdoing it?
Gratitude Journal
Jan 26
I am grateful for an awesome race expo that gets me even more excited to see what I can do on Sunday!

This was a sponsored post by GaiamTV, though I am a true user of the service and all opinions are my own.

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