February Challenge: Eat Clean Breakfast

It’s time to take the next step in our 12 months of #BestFoot Challenges which are about not waiting for a Monday, a birthday or New Year’s to make changes for a better life. We often get caught in a desire for perfection that prevents us from taking small steps each day which will help us reach our goals.

Wait breakfast? That’s it? We aren’t going for a 100% month of clean eating or no sugar?? Nope. The goal for the 2013 challenges is to build on the success of each previous month, thus adding up to 12 changes at the end of the year! I love the way the Thrive Forward program talks about making this clean eating change. If you haven’t checked it out, you can still join the free program from Vega which offers tons of videos on clean eating and how food effects your health.

Add instead of subtracting to create lasting change…its progress—not perfection—that matters. There is no right or wrong way to start eating clean, and the tools provided in this program are beneficial for anyone seeking to improve overall wellness. – Thrive Forward

In January we started the morning with 5 minutes of meditation, affirmations or free writing to help get us in the right frame of mind for a great day. Now we are going to take the next step by making sure that breakfast sets us up for success as well!NotadietWhen you give your body the macro and micronutrients it needs, you shut down your hunger mechanism and feel satisfied. This is going to help prevent cravings throughout the day for many of the treats that appear around the office. Don’t be afraid to eat a REAL MEAL rather than this whole 250 calorie snack idea. Snacks aren’t filling, simply by definition they are meant to hold you until the next meal, but if you never eat a real meal you simply stay in search of food.


  • Include protein in your morning meal – details on why next week
  • Challenge yourself to eliminate beverage calories
  • Include a veggie
  • Eat within 30 minutes of getting out of bed
  • Make it clean!
    • Unprocessed (not in a packaged)
    • Foods as close to nature as possible
    • Choose organic or humanely raised animal products
    • Slow down and enjoy your food


  1. SIGN UP IS CLOSED – Please see the Clean and Lean Project for the updated clean eating program.
  2. Receive weekly emails when a new post is up where you can link up anything you’ve posted and get more motivation, tips and details on making each morning count.
  3. Post the logo on your site with a link to this page to encourage friends to join.
    — I’ve talked about this before, but the community we have created is what makes these challenges successful for us all. Accountability. Idea Sharing. Friendship. Motivation. Excitement….tap in to all of it!
    — Right click save image as to get it for your site or copy the code below the image.
  4. Use #bestfoot on Twitter, Instagram, etc. I’ll be following and re-tweeting and responding!
  5. Print out the tracking sheet to mark off successful days or make notes about what kept you full. Think of this as a month of testing to figure out what works best for your body.

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