Droid DNA 4G LTE Review

While I may have been an e-Commerce consultant for almost 9 years the talk of technology here is generally relegated to the newest treadmill that declines or has the built in run with friends features (seriously still salivating). But last month I was given a chance to take the HTC DROID DNA for a test drive and anyone who has been around me lately knows, I am a wee bit obsessed with the camera function.

Pictures while moving in vehicle… not problem.
Self portraits…not an issue because the front camera is as high quality as the back.
Someone in motion…yup got it with the action feature that takes multiple shots.
Jump Collage
Amazing scene requiring panorama…um yah.
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  • The screen is HUGE at 5 inches so I can more easily read articles from all the eNewsletters I get while I’m traveling.
  • The 4G means super fast speed. I was able to connect easily in the mountains and in Iowa.
  • I already talked about the 1080p HD photos above.
  • BeatsAudio makes it great for playing my favorite app Songza.
  • Long battery life means I can do a ton at events without worrying about my phone dying


  • It’s big, so maybe not as convenient to carry.
  • The picture orientation is really tall and requires cropping to be used in a lot of places.
  • So many things are iPhone compatible and not Droid.
  • The photo gallery makes me insane, I just want to scroll through pictures not albums that are auto created by date.

I feel like for blogging the need to have a great, not good, camera ready at all times has become a top priority. It’s really nice to have that built in to a phone, so that I’m only carrying one thing around all the time. 
Gratitude Journal
Jan 27
I am grateful for the chance to try out new technology. It makes me exercise my brain and remember that sticking with what I know isn’t always best.

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