DeliverLean to the rescue

After spending this amazing weekend in Utah with my Oakley Women Ambassadors I am sad to be heading home, but relieved to know that DeliverLean is providing me with a week of meals so that I don’t have to worry about cooking or shopping!! I can get straight to work on some exciting things.  While the name is meant to appeal to those who are interested in a diet plan for women, that’s not what caught my attention.

I am a skeptic when it comes to many home food delivery systems. Why? Because I like to be in control of the quality of my food and ensure that I am getting tons of fruits and veggies in my meals. 

BUT after talking with them and reviewing the site which has Gluten-Free, Paleo and ORGANIC <<< WOOTT>> options I agreed to test out their program for a week. Here are a few of the other things which appealed to me:

· South Florida based (which means everything is going to be fresh, not shipped across the country like some).

· DeliverLean fresh, preservative-free  meals that are hand delivered to your home – Hello, I don’t have to go anywhere to make this happen!

· Meal plans are curated by DeliverLean’s Gourmet Chefs and directed by in-house dietitians and nutritionists

·  DeliverLean also has the same philosophy as me…dessert can be part of any weight loss program when done right!  They offer desserts ranging from 90 to 300 calories each and have gluten-free options

· OnJuice is a line of 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juices made with organic fruits and vegetables can be added to or used as part of a separate juice cleanse

If you are interested in trying out DeliverLean you can currently sign up for 1 month at $24.99 per day and get 3 days FREE.

Ok so keep your eyes peeled next week for an update on what I think about this system! If the food is as good as it looks I’m pretty sure you’ll be hearing good things.
Gratitude Journal
Jan 8
I am grateful for prepared food waiting at home that isn’t processed, frozen or filled with weird ingredients I can’t pronounce.

This is a sponsored post from DeliverLean. All opinions are my own and any further reviews will be my honest assessment of the program.

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