Snowshoeing in Snowbird

Who knew at age 31 I would discover that I actual can love cold weather! The dry air and lack of wind on the mountain made the 20 degree temps feel just fine…of course I was bundled up in a base layer, soft shell jacket and insulated jacket. Yes Oakley gave me some of their warmest gear to ensure I wasn’t wandering around all weekend muttering about not being able to feel my Florida temperature adjusted toes.
Snowbird Utah

I understand that skiing and snowboarding are WAY cooler spots, so part of me really wanted to hit the slopes. However, the truth is I have tried it in the past and didn’t really care for it. I’m not a daredevil, I am a klutz and I definitely didn’t want to injure myself before ING, no excuses for this race.

Thus I was REALLY excited (yes capital letters excited) when I found out snowshoeing was an option. Later some of the newbie snowboarders were sad they hadn’t come with us, probably because I couldn’t stop smiling and saying how amazing it was. It didn’t hurt when I told them that according to the Pear Sport we burned over 1,100 calories! Snowshoeing has always sounded like a blast to me and now I can say without a doubt it is AWESOME!! I love being outdoors and this workout allows you to take in the scenery, get some Vitamin D and burn some major calories. SnowshoeingAt 7,300 feet I quickly noticed that breathing was a little tougher, but found it to be worse on the treadmill than when we were outside exploring the woods. Maybe the distraction helped?!  Snowshoeing is a great workout because it provides cardio, strength and balance all at the same time. It’s a highly recommended cross training tool for endurance athletes.

We carried poles and Maria definitely found her shoulders were sore the next day, while I noticed my core and inner thighs had gotten a really great workout. I was stabilizing myself when going through deep powder without even realizing it; my favorite way to do core. I kid you not if we move somewhere cold I will be investing in my own shoes so that I can do this all the time…can you imagine me tromping around the neighborhood?! I’ll make it a fad to run errands in your snowshoes, you just wait and see. When folks realize it burns 400-1200 calories per hour they’ll hop on board too, I have no doubt!

We stayed at The Cliff Lodge, while the Oakley team took over the Black Jack house. Both were awesome, but I’ll stick to talking about The Cliff Lodge because the ambassadors certainly made the most of our time there. For starters you probably saw the Instagram photos I posted about the view from the workout room!! These were truly the views from every window in the building, but I was amazed to seem them in a place that is often forgotten. 723733709
About 45 minutes outside of Salt Lake, Snowbird is a full service resort with a variety of places to stay, eat and activities — heated outdoor hot tubs, snowshoeing, the Snowbird tram that goes up to 11,000 ft, skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, TONS of instructors and then of course all the great summer activities.

For hard core skiers/snowboarders, I can’t imagine a better place to go. There are runs everywhere, but without the chaos and lines you find in Colorado, at least from the times I’ve been out that way. A few of the Oakley members said these were some LONG and GREAT slopes compared to what they have ridden in other places.Snowbird UtahI swear I couldn’t take a bad picture of this place it was simply gorgeous and the views from the Snowbird Tram were phenomenal. I kept saying that no picture would do it justice.

We were lucky enough to have a guide on our snowshoe tour who told us a little more about Snowbird.

  • Fantastic place for hiking in the summer
  • Their water is 99% pure, it barely gets filtered before drinking…man it tasted great
  • Mining tunnels still exist from the 1800’s from silver ore
  • Over 89 total ski runs

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Oakley womenHere is an end of night shot of the Oakley Women’s Ambassadors. I’ll be featuring more of them in the coming months because you have to know these women, they will inspire you. 

My apologies for all the capitals and bolds and what not, but I am so excited about this experience. I really can’t wait to take David and do it all over again!!
Gratitude Journal
Jan 11
I am grateful for a group of women that are brave enough to follow their passions and love to ignite that same fire in others.

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